Monday, March 10, 2008

My Line Infantry Battalions --

As I mentioned in my previous two posts (which listed the Saxe-Bearstein Dragoons and Heavy Horse), I'm currently using some of my Great Northern War figures (made by Blood Axe Miniatures -- and not currently available) as "stand-in" troops for Saxe-Bearstein.

Pictured below are eleven battalions -- one Guard and ten Line units. As always, click on a photo to see it full size.

"The Bears" -- Saxe-Bearstein's Guard Battalion . . . rated as "Guard", they are larger than the typical battalion; and they are distinguished by their "golden coats":

IR-1 von Becks . . . rated "Veteran":

IR-2 von Grolsch . . . rated "Veteran":

IR-3 von Urquell . . . rated "Veteran":

IR-4 von Schlitz
. . . rated "Veteran":

IR-5 von Coors . . . rated "Raw":

IR-6 von Carling . . . rated "Veteran":

IR-7 von Molson . . . rated "Elite":

IR-8 von Dopplebock
. . . rated "Raw":

IR-9 von Veltins
. . . rated "Raw":

IR-10 von Lowenbrau . . . rated "Raw":

So there you have it -- the Saxe-Bearstein "line infantry". I still have to take photos of my "irregulars" and skirmishers, my artillery and general staff . . . but these photos should hold you for now.

I expect that I will soon be revealing my next table top project -- but for now this will have to keep you satisfied for a bit.

-- Jeff


abdul666 said...

"this will have to keep you satisfied for a bit."
It does, Jeff, it does!
But of course, still looking eagerly forward to discover the balance of the Saxe-Bearsteiner Might...

Thanks for this impressive Review.

abdul666 said...

PS: your regiments 'not in tricorn yet' look very good. Even after you have painted their 'true, tricorned' rendition, the current ones could be kept, they would provide very fine
Freie Korps or Militia outfits in a mid-18th C. setting.

Snickering Corpses said...

An excellent series of reviews, Jeff. I quite enjoyed it!

Steve-the-Wargamer said... too - and I do like those Blood Axe miniatures what a shame they're not still in production... I also look forward to more on your new project - off to sunny Spain, perchance?? :o))

tim said...

Huzzah! What an impressive force!

I shall have to send my diplomats to try and make treaties with you! Anyone with such pretty looking flags needs to be on our side.... did I say pretty..? uh, I meant "marshal"... yeah, "Marshal looking flags.."

Will there be a Von Pilsner Regiment raised in the future? I can't imagine there will be a Von Great Western....

tradgardmastare said...

Looking good - great to see your figures-keep up the good work

Bluebear Jeff said...


First, thank you for your kind comments. I'm fully aware that my painting is very simple and basic (they don't look nearly as good up close) -- but that's all that it is intended to be; and, for that I think they look pretty good.

These are wargaming figures, not fancy contest-winning works of art. The Blood Axe figures are simple in design (and VERY easy to paint). It's a shame that they are not still in production.

Tim, while I do not have a "von Pilsner" regiment, my army's highest ranking officer is General Baron Helmut von Pilsner . . . does that satisfy you?

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

I am certainly hearing the drum beats with all these troops arrayed in their lines!

Great that your re-basing project is done...

standing by for what is next?

Fitz-Badger said...

En masse as military units they look excellent!
Great review.

I, too, will be looking forward to seeing what your next project is.

marinergrim said...

I like the photos too and the presentation of the units. nice work Jeff.

johnpreece said...

I think your painting looks great, it works perfctly for what it is intended to do. Very enjoyable review.

We are all agog.

old-tidders said...

Nice looking collection of cavalry and infantry.

I expect all those troops get thirsty while they are on the march - a sure headache for the quartermaster to find enough beer for them ??

-- Allan

Anonymous said...

Very, very impressive Jeff. Nice figures too, do I take it that all figs are RSMs? (I have e-mailed them re shipping to the UK, but as yet have not received an answer.)


Bluebear Jeff said...


No, I have not yet had a chance to paint my RSMs (it has been too cold to prime them).

All of these figures are by Blood Axe Miniatures . . . and are, in fact, from the turn of the century . . . War of Spanish Succession and Great Northern War figures.

-- Jeff