Monday, March 24, 2008

A Brief Update --

Well Pete was over for a painting session today. Anyway, somehow the conversation got around to the Old West . . . which is something that I'd like to game one of these days.

Now I've made a few "old west" style buildings (click on photo to left for larger image) and I've got about two dozen painted figures.

I also have two sets of rules . . . "Gutshot" and "Legends of the Old West".

So I'd like to ask my readers if they have any experience with either (or both) rule sets. I'd love to have feedback so that I'll have an idea of which one to give a try.

And no, I haven't abandoned the Eighteenth century. But I'd like an occasional break with a "skirmish" type game . . . such as "Old West" gunfighting.

So help me out and please leave your comments on either or both sets of old west rules. My thanks in advance.

-- Jeff


Fitz-Badger said...

I have no idea about the rules, but the buildings look very good!

Capt Bill said...

David of Not by Appointment suggested i notify you of my new site, Reich Duchy of Beerstein. Best regards...Bill

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,

On the subject of alternative wargaming, a while ago you asked me to keep you updated about my plans for card/paper wargames figures. I'm still working on my SYW figures project but thought that the following link might be useful, as you wanted to be able to offer paper armies to junior wargamers to get them started on historical wargaming. Fabrizio Davi's site here: has armies for the Thirty Years War and for the 1797 Rivoli Campaign. His Waterloo figures (covering pretty well every unit in the Anglo-Allied, Prussian and French armies of 1815 in 15mm) are not available online at the moment but I have them and if you'd like them can email them to you. Let me know.

The Junior General site offers a large collection of figures, some very good, from almost all periods but they would need organising into armies so are not as suitable to be given out to newcomers as the Fabrizio Davi figures.

All the best,


Capt Bill said...

Hi Jeff,
I wanted to thank you for inviting me to join your group. I've really enjoyed following all the links and seeing the vast interest in our era. For your effort in providing so much joy, you are hereby invested into the Reich Duchy of Beerstein's Ancient and Honorable Order of the Tankard.

Best regards,

Reich Duke Whilhelm

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Hi Jeff - not played either set of rules, but did buy Legends of the West some time ago with the intention at some point in time of perhaps having a game.. many years ago, I played western gunfight using the western skirmish rules Steve Curtis and the guys published ("Once upon a Time in the Old West"??) - lots and lots of fun - I found my campaign diary the other day.... "The Annals of Tremaine County"... not smiled so much in ages! Your buildings however, are lovely!