Sunday, April 06, 2008

Battle of Wojslawice Tomorrow

In a little over ten hours from this post, the 1650-era Mieczyslaw Civil War battle of Wojslawice will take place on my game table.

Yes, once again Murdock will be coming over to push some lead (and Pete should be joining us later). We will be trying out Clarence Harrison's "Victory Without Quarter" rules.

These are actually ECW rules . . . and Mieczyslaw is certainly not in England . . . but it is a "pike and shot" era . . . besides, I've based up about 300 Renaissance troops to fight the battle. Each side will have six battalions of "Foote" (i.e., pike and shot) as well as some cavalry and a few guns.

Clarence's rules are very different from those that we have played over the past few years . . . but they read like they'd be fun . . . so we will give them a try.

-- Jeff


A J said...

I look forward to the battle report.

rpardo said...

Waiting for the result :-)