Friday, May 23, 2008

Planning the Battle of Wollmitz --

Yikes! It is only a little over three weeks until Ross Macfarlane will be visiting Vancouver Island. The plan is that he (and perhaps a friend or two) will drive up to Courtenay and we'll get a game in.

So Saxe-Bearstein has decided to teach those vile Stagonians a lesson. The plan is to capture the key area surrounding the town of Wollmitz.

This battle will be based on the "cut-down" Mollwitz battle from Grant's "The War Game". Of course we won't be using Grant's rules since our forces are much smaller (25-man infantry battalions instead of 53 for example). In addition my table is 5'x8' (instead of Grant's 7'x9' table).

We will use my "Tricorne Wars" rules and give the scenario a try. Saxe-Bearstein will take on the "Prussian" role with 10 battalions of foot and 3 cavalry regiments. Stagonia will have the "Austrian" mix of 7 battalions of foot and 6 cavalry regiments. In addition the vile ones will be on the short end of the artillery mix with 3 guns to the 6 for the good guys.

So now I have three weeks to make sure that all of the pieces are in place. It won't be the same as Partizan re-fight of last year when a number of gaming luminaries used the original buildings and figures . . . but I expect that we'll have a good time anyway.

-- Jeff


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

...sounds good though and I look forward to the picutres and write up... I like Ross's web page too... especially the look of that Shambattle game at Enfilade (??)

Fitz-Badger said...

I, too, shall look forward to pics and battle reports... :-)

MurdocK said...

Woo Hoo!

Battle awaits!

How many figs do I need to bring?

marinergrim said...

I always enjoy planning a game, sometimes more than actually playing it.

Jeff I'm looking forward to seeing the outcome so pics and post please.