Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Future Project --

I long ago realized that it is a good idea to take a break every now and again from one's main gaming focus . . . and, when doing so to go to something very different in feel.

Yes, the 18th century is my primary focus . . . but I know that I'll eventually need something else for a "change of pace".

To the left you will see the image of an imaginary continent somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

It is known as Afristan and has, late in the 19th century just become known to the "civilized" world. (Note -- if you click on the image you will get to see a larger version of it).

Of course it is far from being uninhabited. There are at least a dozen different "tribes" living here. Some are of African descent; some of various "Islamic" peoples. And there are those persistent rumors of some mysterious peoples living high in the mountains.

My hope -- once we develop more miniature gamers in our area -- is to have at least four main "European" nations attempting to explore and exploit this previously unexplored continent.

My thought is to have one player each for the British, French, Germans and Turks. I've already got British and Turks (mainly Sepoys and Egyptians). I'll use French Foreign Legion troops for the French; and find something for the Germans.

For rules, I'm currently thinking of a sort of mixture of "The Sword and the Flame", "G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T." and some of my own ideas, which I've been putting together as my own Colonial rules called . . . "Khyber Knife".

Yes, the title is taken from some of Kipling's verse. In this case, from "The Ballad of East and West":

They have looked each other between the eyes, and there they found no fault,
They have taken the Oath of the Brother-in-Blood on leavened bread and salt:
They have taken the Oath of the Brother-in-Blood on fire and fresh-cut sod,
On the hilt and the haft of the Khyber knife, and the Wondrous Names of God.

Of course this project is quite some time in the future, but the skirmish-style of the action should provide a good change-of-pace from our "Wars for Arcadian Glory" SYW actions.

-- Jeff


Fitz-Badger said...

Nice little map. :-)

The Colonial period is one I have long been interested in (mainly because of Kipling and movies like Gunga Din, Zulu, Lives of a Bengal Lancer, and even Laurel and Hardy's Bonnie Scotland, as well as variations on Beau Geste).
Lots of fodder for the imagination.
Maybe some day I'll take a slight detour down that road, too. :-)

marinergrim said...

For the Germans don't Eureka do a very nice Frano-Prussian range?

Sounds like fun. Wish it wasn't on the other side of the world - literally in my case!

A J said...

Colonial gaming has always been one of my favorites too. I've made a modest collection in 28mm for my Daftest Africa gaming. I'm interested in seeing how you develop your world of Afristan.

Bob Murch of Pulp Figures, and Redoubt Enterpises produce German marines. Copplestone Figures also makes German Askaris. Redoubt produces French Foreign Legion and Arabs, and I think US Marines in the Smokey Bear hats.

Wargames Foundry have a whole range of useful figures for Darkest Africa, but they're not really compatable size-wise with the previous companies.

Frontline Wargaming make some lovely resin African scenery such as an explorer's camp, African village accessories and a beautiful little "African Queen" steam launch.

MurdocK said...

Jeff, you might also consider Savage Worlds for such a game?

abdul666 said...

I read a little about 'alternate' colonial wargaming on several VSF blogs, sites and forums and iy appears quite enjoyable.

Then, would not it be 'refresching change' enough to have it set by the Lace Wars? OK, neither 'Germans' nor 'Americans', but Spaniards and Dutchs instead? A few units of some very 'exotic' types of Askaris / Sepoys could even -later- be shipped to Urope to show Grenzers and Pandours what 'little wars' and 'lightning raids' really are...


Steve-the-Wargamer said... could use the same nations as are currently present in the Wars of the Arcadian Succession but in a later historical period?? :o))

Bluebear Jeff said...


Wow! What an idea. I had not considered that . . . but you're right. Hmmm . . . now you've really given me something to think about.


-- Jeff

ColCampbell50 said...

John McEwan of Reviresco has a rather good line of colonial German troops and askari.


abdul666 said...


coincidentally, new opportunities for VSF-like colonial wars by the mid-18th C. just appeared on the the TMP 18th c. Discussion board, around the Republic of Neue Sudland. I updated accordingly the ‘Oversea’ post on the Monte-Cristan blog.

johnpreece said...

Good luck with thsi. I have just been reading don Featherstones accounts of his campaigns in a mythical African continent. Great fun.

Looking at what figures he had makes you realize how lucky we are, almost anything you want in several different styles half a dozen scales. And yet I still whinge. What a spoilt B***d!!

old-tidders said...

looks like an interesting project; plenty of scope for land and sea actions

-- Allan