Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Punitive Expedition is Planned

Saxe-Bearstein's ruler, Furst Bruno von Ursa, has determined that the vile Stagonian menace needs to be reminded that their nefarious actions incur repercussions.

In other words, he has decided to send an army into the very lair of their viciously cruel country. He has therefor detailed the following officers and units to effect this punitive expedition (note: with their "Tricorne Wars" information in italics):

General Baron Helmut von Pilsner -- (Aggressive, inertia 3, initiative 3 -- 10" command radius -- 2 AdC)
Lt. General Hertz von Stout -- (Steady, inertia 2, initiative 1 -- 14" command radius -- 1 AdC)

Brig. Ernst von Bruin -- (Steady, inertia 2, initiative 1 -- 11" mounted command; 6" if foot)
Brig. Dieter von Maltz -- (Careful, inertia 1, initiative 2 -- 10" mounted command; 5" if foot)
Brig. Wolfgang "Bud" von Weiser
-- (Aggressive, inertia 3, initiative 1 -- 13" if mounted command; 8" if foot)
Brig. Baron Viktor von Zendabrau -- (Political, inertia 2, initiative 1 -- 11" if mounted command; 7" if foot)

The following troops have been assigned to fill out the various commands as Gen. von Pilsner sees fit (along with their rating in italics):

"The Bears" Foot Guards (guard)
IR-1 von Becks (veteran)
IR-2 von Grolsch (veteran)
IR-3 von Urquell (veteran)
IR-4 von Schlitz (veteran)
IR-6 von Carling (veteran)
IR-7 von Molson (elite)
IR-8 von Doppelbock (raw)
IR-9 von Veltins (raw)
IR-10 von Lowenbrau (raw)

von Comocks Kuirassiers (veteran Trotters)
von Eigerbrau Ritters (raw Gallopers)
Wildschwein Dragoons (elite Dragoons)

Furst Bruno has also assigned considerable artillery to the army. (Note that all are crewed by "veteran" class gunners):

3 x Medium Gun batteries of 6 pounders
3 x Light Gun batteries of 3 pounders


The above are the forces for our upcoming (June 15) quasi-refight of the Battle of Mollwitz from Charles Grant's book "The War Game". Stagonia will be taking on the "Austrian" positions and Saxe-Bearstein will be serving as the "Prussian" attacker.

As currently envisioned, Murdock will be in command of Stagonia and Ross Macfarlane, visiting from eastern Canada, will be the Saxe-Bearstein commander.

-- Jeff


MurdocK said...


Now I shall have to brush up on my 'vile' tendencies...

Snickering Corpses said...

Hesse-Engelburg sends their best wishes to their Saxe-Bearstein allies for a decisive victory and the freeing of Wollmitz from the vile ones.

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Hi Jeff,

This sounds terribly cool! I'll be watching for photos and after-battle reports.

Best Regards,


abdul666 said...

Please don't forget the camera!

Frankfurter said...

it's a punitive expidition ....
victory points for displaying aggressive punition?

old-tidders said...

The Kingdom of Wittenberg has heard of occupation of Wollmitz. We send you our best wishes and hope that you will achieve a great victory over the vile Stagonians.

Count Hermann Munster
on behalf of His Majesty, King Leopold IV

CWT said...

Hello, just wanted to say 'well done' so far with the blog. Very entertaining! Will be following your efforts with interest in the upcoming expedition.