Friday, June 13, 2008

Wollmitz -- Changes and an Ally --

It appears that Ross is bringing a battalion of troops with him. Sir Alexander Keith's Regiment (whose standard is pictured at left) will represent Loch Sloy, an ally of Saxe-Bearstein . . . at least when facing the vileness that is Stagonia.

Fortunately this will free one of the Furst's battalions to remain with the camp (Stagonians are well-known for their thieving ways).

In addition, I looked at the table (pictured in my last post) and decided that I could use more room. I therefor added a 30-inch extension to the table.

This didn't alter the terrain . . . just stretched it out a bit. Anyway the table is still 5' wide, but is now 10 1/2' long . . . and even my wife thinks that it looks pretty good (she's feeling much better by the way).

So now all we need is some players and the Battle of Wollmitz will be on (this coming Sunday, June 15th).

-- Jeff


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

...will Allexander Keith's regiment be bringing samples of their regimental beer with them?? :o))

Fitz-Badger said...

Glad to hear your wife is doing better!

Are Keith's regiment kilted lads?
(I have 8 Saxe-Urquhart Highlanders completed, paint and all, and 10 more getting closer to finished - a bit of sculpting still to go)

Waiting to hear about the results of the upcoming Wollmitz battle (love the name!). :-)

Bluebear Jeff said...


She's doing much better today, thank you.

As for Ross' regiment, I believe that they are not "kilties" . . . but I haven't seen them.

As for the battle, I'll try to take a few pics -- but my camera is an old one and not very good (either that or I'm a poor photographer . . . which is probably closer to the truth).

However Murdock should be bringing his camera and he usually gets LOTS of good photos.

Sunday will tell the tale.

-- Jeff