Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ouch! A "Lost Day" --

Monday afternoon my dear wife started feeling poorly and as she got worse I had to take her to the Hospital Emergency Room.

Well, without going into details, they were able to deal with her problems and we got home about 2 am. And due to the stress of it all, we were both still "wiped out" today (Tuesday) . . . but at least she is on the mend and does feel a lot better (although she's having to take it VERY easy).

About all that I accomplished today (as far as prepping for the game is concerned) was to get some foam cut to create the hills for the Battle of Wollmitz.

I've drawn a very rough approximation of the map (those who have access to THE WAR GAME will see a better rendition). It is, of course, based on the battle of Mollwitz.

Saxe-Bearstein will have the "Prussian" position (entering from the bottom of the map); while those vile Stagonians will be defending the upper portion ("Austrian" position).

Since the Grants did not follow the historical deployment, I'll certainly not limit either side's choices.

By the way, we deploy by taking turns placing Brigadiers down on the table. Once these are down, then troops are deployed anywhere (presumably within the brigadier's command radius -- but if not, they'll have to wait until he gets to them). After troops are deployed, the Generals are positioned.

One of the things that has been delayed is the completion of my "ground cloth". I couldn't find any more of the cloth that I originally purchased (I had purchased all that they had before) . . . but I was able to find something fairly close that we've cut and my goodwife has been piecing it together for me. Hopefully she will be able to finish sewing the added pieces so that it will actually be big enough to cover the table.

Still, there is a great deal of other preparation to do before Sunday . . . and I'm currently so worn down by the stress of Lani's illness that I didn't have the energy today . . . but at least my dear bride is feeling better (which is a great relief).

It will get done, of course. I might not have all of the "bells and whistles" that I wanted to have, but we'll have troops and terrain.

-- Jeff


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Jeff, bugger the bells and whistles, you just make sure you look after your missus! :o))

(Still looking forward to the pictures and write up mind...!)

marinergrim said...

I'd second Steve's comment.

Look after the wife because without her who's going to keep you supplied with food & drinks during the game?

MurdocK said...

Keep on with the important real-life tasks...we gamers can deal with a basic tabletop (or bring the needs).

Lani takes first place, then YOU!

Better that you are rested on saturday night than fussing over bells and whistles only to be bagged during the day!

A J said...

Best wishes for Lani's speedy recovery, and for a striking success against vile Stagonia!

Fitz-Badger said...

I heartily second (or third or fourth) all of the previous comments! Take care!

MurdocK said...

I have the map printed 2x now for use on the day and should have a pic posted for the troops later tonight, the flags are all printed and need only to be attached. The magnetic tags are also ready and will be put on (you guessed it) later tonight.

Just let me know if you want me to bring out any of my terrain support materials.

Andy Mitchell said...

That's a lot of artillery - enough to scare me badly if I was going to have to face it. Do you have any plans to reduce its effect?

Bluebear Jeff said...


We are using the Grant's OB . . . but my house rules tend to de-emphasize artillery to start with.

First, as with all troops, each gun needs to dice to even see if it shows up.

Next, they really are not mobile . . . nor do they have a lot of range . . . and their rate of fire falls off as they take casualties.

We will, of course, see how it goes "on the day" . . . because this is the most artillery we've ever had on the table top.

The big thing is that we have fun.

-- Jeff

El Grego said...

I'm glad your sweetie is feeling better - and have fun with the game!