Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wollmitz -- Some Quick Photos --

Well, I've snapped a few quick photos of the terrain for our Battle of Wollmitz this coming Sunday.

They are certainly not the greatest . . . one of the problems being that I can't get far enough away from the table on the "long sides" to get a good photo with my (quite old) digital camera.

If we use my sketch from the previous post as a guide, the first photo is from the "left side" looking right.

The vile Stagonians will be defending the left side as you look at that first photo (the top side of the sketch). Saxe-Bearstein will be attacking from the right side as you look at it (bottom side of the sketch).

The next pair of photos are from the opposite end, looking back toward the direction of the initial photo.

They are virtually the same, except that they come from slightly different angles to try and show the terrain better.

My final two photos are from the Stagonian side (the ones from the Saxe-Bearstein side didn't turn out).

But they should give Murdock (who will be the Stagonian C-in-C) an idea of the terrain.

I'm afraid that Ross, the C-in-C of the "good guys" (i.e., Saxe Bearstein) will have to extrapolate from the other photos (sorry, Ross).

Anyway, Gentlemen, I hope that this helps a bit.

-- Jeff

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