Friday, December 26, 2008

Books for the Holidays! --

Well the "gift giving" has passed and my wife gave me the books I've ordered recently . . . which means that I'm suddenly inundated with good reading material.

I admit that I am basically rather impossible to buy for . . . at least for someone who knows nothing about historical gaming . . . so my dear wife snags these with my knowledge.

Anyway, I finally am getting a chance to read my copy of "The War Game Companion"; and also my copy of BATTLEGAMES Magazine #15; as well as Grant & Asquith's "Scenarios For All Ages".

In addition I have a copy of "The Campaigns in India During the Severn Years War 1756-1764" by Mike Kirby; and the Osprey Men-at-Arms book "Louis XV's Army (1) Cavalry & Dragoons".

Well, so much for the mid-18th century . . . but for the WSS I got a copy of Sapherson's "The French Cavalry 1688-1715".

And, since I'm trying to build-up my ECW background, I got copies of "English Civil War Gaming Scenarios (Volumen 1)" by Steven Maggs and "E.C.W. Flags and Colours 1: ENGLISH FOOT" by Peachey & Prince.

Finally (and most delightfully), Steve Carroll of the UK was kind enough to send me his extra copy of the "Forlorn Hope" ECW rules by Berry & Wilkins. I am continually delighted by the kindness of fellow gamers.

Yes, I've given things to other gamers and even sent them overseas asking nothing in return but that they "pay it forward" . . . that is to help someone else out down the line . . . but it was a complete surprise when Mr. Carroll kindly offered me his spare copy of these rules.

I've wanted to see these since I've read so many people saying that they give the best "period feel" for the English Civil War . . . and yes (even though he didn't ask) I will "pay it forward" by continuing to help others in our hobby. And isn't that what the spirit of this season is all about?

-- Jeff


tradgardmastare said...

You have had a good Christmas Sir! The wargae companion - which I got, is fantasastic nd a great read! Iam sure it will encourage your Charge project forward...

abdul666 said...

Santa Claus was generous and well advised indeed!
The 'Companion' will turn your 'Charge!' project into a 'The War Game' one.

Best wishes,

MurdocK said...

happy christmas reading!

old-tidders said...

A historical kaleidoscope of Xmas goodies

-- Allan

El Grego said...

Excellent choices!

Happy Holidays to all,


A J said...

Some delightful holiday reading and a fine example of the kindness inherent in our chosen pastime. Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,

I like your reading material. I'm going to get my name down for the "Scenarios For All Ages" (hopefully). Charles Grant's "Companion...etc." is superb, but did I read that there is also 5 scenario mini campaign available "Raid on St.Michel" from Caliver books which contains more of the same?

Steve Turner.

CWT said...

If you're interested in the ECW period, you might like to have a look at

In the 'Coming Soon' section they are preparing to launch a range of hard plastic ECW figures soon - perhaps worth a look if you're thinking of getting into it!

All the best,

littlejohn said...


I'm really looking forward to a copy of The Wargame Companion on the way to my house as well. Those ECW titles look great too.


johnpreece said...

Jeff, do feel free to emil me if you want to chat over any ECW issues or I can help with any information. I am not n expert but have been reading and wargaming the period for longer than I care to remember.