Saturday, December 20, 2008

(OT) Snowtime on Vancouver Island East --

According to the weather statistics, our area of Vancouver Island (the mid East side) gets snowfall on Christmas about once ever 17 years . . . and has snow on the ground for Christmas about once every 11 years.

Well, while it is predicted that we will get snow on Christmas Day, it is certain that we will have snow on the ground then . . . in fact enough to make up for those other ten years of no snow.

We currently have my wife's baby sister and her three-year-old daughter, Michaela (pictured at left) as house guests.

They flew in a couple of days ago, planning on driving down-island to visit other relatives and then back up to see us before flying out on Christmas Eve.

However the roads south were (and still are) snow-ways . . . and more snow is forecast virtually every day . . . so we get to enjoy their company for the week.

And in case you don't know it, three-year-olds have a seemingly infinite supply of both energy and curiosity . . . but it is also nice to have her bubbling laughter brightening our home.

-- Jeff


littlejohn said...

Such a beautiful part of the world! I used to live in the Seattle-Tacoma area and it really is tops for natural beauty.

...and having a three year old at present also...I hear you on the energy thing... ;)


Bluebear Jeff said...

Dave is correct . . . this is an incredibly beautiful area . . . and we are fortunate to be able to live here.

Even though we are living "in town", we are only half a block from a heavily forested "nature park".

We see bald eagles and great blue herons all the time. The ocean is just about a 5 minute drive from here . . . and, although we don't ski, Mt. Washington (one of British Columbia's premiere ski mountains) is a short drive away . . . and we can see the Comox Glacier from our kitchen table.

A couple of months ago I saw a mink darting along the street (and we always have to be aware of deer). Geese are so common as to be a nuisance . . . but one of the world's main nesting grounds for Trumpeter Swans is here on the border of town.

We have Douglas Fir and Spruce and Red Cedar in abundance mixed with Maple and other deciduous trees.

We have mountains and seas, rivers and meadows, lakes and many, many parks. All this and a generally mild climate . . . we ARE fortunate . . . and right now we have snow!

-- Jeff

Martin said...

Hi Jeff,

With such varied, beautiful scenery to take in all year long, it's a wonder that you get any painting and wargaming in at all! Ha, ha!

I see that your niece has a terminal case of cuteness. Three year olds sure do make things lively. I'd purchase a bottle or two if someone had figured out a way bottle all that energy!



Robert said...

Your niece is indeed a cutie, Jeff, and your post reminds me of just how much I miss living in BC sometimes.

Aside from Vancouver of course, I have some great memories of places like Victoria, Chemainus, Thetis Island and the Sunshine Coast.

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Hey there Jeff,

Sweet looking niece you have, and the snow looks fantastic.

Best Regards,


Fitz-Badger said...

Terminal cuteness is right. lol
It's good to have that youthful energy and curiosity and sense of fun around from time to time.