Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jeff's Computer Down --

The problems I've been having with my computer are more severe than first thought. It now looks like the hard drive will have to be wiped clean and a new operating system installed.

I'm writing this from a friend's computer because mine can no longer connect to the Net. So for perhaps the next week or so I will be unable to do much.

Furthermore this will delay my Stagonian game with Stokes. And prevent the awful nastiness resulting from the Vile King's encounter with the Duchess from coming to light for a while . . . who knows what evil lurks in their hearts?

Sadly we will have to wait . . . because right now my job is to try to copy all of the files I need before my poor machine is wiped.

-- Jeff


A J said...

Oh crikey! =( I'm sorry to hear that Jeff. Having suffered a similar problem in May last year I know what a PITA it is. Good luck with the back-up.

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Hi Jeff,

Messages received. I'll wait on this end and get a table photo or two posted this evening. Best regards for a speedy recovery to your hard drive!


Frankfurter said...

Really HOpe that your pc troubles are resolved within economic reason!

Be waiting on ye //


johnpreece said...

Nasty! we await your return eagerly. I hope it isn't too expensive.