Friday, March 20, 2009

My British Colonial Foot --

I had a request to provide some photos of some of my Ral Partha Colonials. Well there are far too many to put into a single post . . . but I thought that I'd give you a bit of a taste of them.

While I started out using "The Sword and the Flame", I later gravitated to "G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T." (although without the "steampunk" additions).

Eventually I ended up writing my own rules, "Khyber Knife". which used elements of both of the above and some ideas of my own.

Anyway, my units are all of ten figures (although I just use a few for these photos -- not whole units). Remember too that if you 'click' on any photo you will see a larger version of it.

Next to each unit I have placed a figure on its side so that you can see how I base them.

All rank-and-file are on pennies while the leader (usually a non-com, but occasionally an officer) is based on a nickel.

The bottom of the base of each figure is painted in the unit's 'facing color' with the unit number written with a sharpie.

The first couple of shots are sort of "group shots", but those following are of individual units. The fort and houses are built of foamcore and are very light and durable. The palm trees started life as 'cake decorations'.

Now for some individual units:

Above are some men of the 4th Foot -- the Royal Lancasters

Above are some men of the11th Foot -- Devonshire

Above are some men of the 24th Foot -- South Wales Borderers

Above are some men of the 36th Foot -- Worcestershire

Above are some men of the 42th Foot -- the Black Watch

Above are some men of the 57th Foot -- Middlesex

Above are some men of the 1st Royal Artillery

Above are some men of the 58th Foot -- Northhampton

Above are some men of the 78th Foot -- the Seaforth Highlanders

Above are some men of the 92th Foot -- the Gordon Highlanders

I also have several unit of 'Colonial' foot (mainly Sepoys), as well as a few mounted units. However since the move the only "enemy" troops that I have in Ral Parthas are Pathans. But pictures of those are for another time.

-- Jeff


Bluebear Jeff said...

And in case you are wondering, I like each unit to have a 'different' look from all of the other units.

That is why some are in red coats, some in khaki and some in a mix of the two . . . so not every uniform is perfectly correct.

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

Thanks, Jeff!
This is a dangerous post for me to look at! (I'm sorely tempted to stray from the pile of SYW-era minis I have sitting around - lol)
Ah, but some day.....

littlejohn said...

Good to hear your feeling better and as Fitz-Badger said, those Rals really are a tempting sight...I sold off my colonials last year and I'm living to regret that decision...


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Neat figures and picture, Jeff. Did Ral Partha ever make anything suitable for the 18th century?

Best Regards,


andygamer said...

Don't you mean "Fort"?

DestoFante said...

Truly inspiring, Jeff! Your pictures, and the movie Zulu Dawn which i just watched the other night, may well kick me back into a colonial spree!