Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Small 25mm" Colonial Problem --

Responding to my last post, a number of you suggested selling my Old Glory Colonials or eBay.

Well, the problem with that is my Afristan Campaign. This is a campaign that I'd like to run on a fictional mini-continent in the Indian Ocean. (Note -- click on graphics for larger versions).

I would like to have not only the British, but also Germans, French and the Ottoman Turks (as well as a bunch of native tribes).

Now my Ral Parthas can supply the British (and their Sepoys), the Natives (both African and Islamic) and the Ottoman Turks (by using the Egyptians and Sudanese) . . . but they don't have anything usable as Germans or French.

If anyone can point me in the direction of reasonably priced "small 25mm" figures of Colonial Germans and French Foreign Legion troops, I'd appreciate it. And I live in Canada so figures that don't have to cross the pond are preferred.

Of course with the much larger Old Glory figures, I wouldn't have any problems. And with their "Army Deal", the figures would be reasonably priced. . . . But I don't like them as much.

Today's photos are of some of my Ral Partha Sepoys. As before I don't have full units on display . . . and there is a "base up" figure behind each unit to let you know what they are.

The first photo is an "over view" of these "Colonial" troops. Further photos show some closer looks . . . and, as always, 'click' on the photos for a closer look at the troops.

Above are the 3rd Gurkha and 2nd Gurkha units.

Above are the 23rd Sepoys and 20th Sepoys

Above are the 6th Eygptian, 45th Sepoy and 31st Sepoy units.

-- Jeff


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Jeff - my first thought would be to have a chat with Tom Dye as Minifigs would seem to fit the "true 25" bill quite nicely???

ColCampbell50 said...

Jeff - My suggestion as well. We have both Ral Partha and MiniFigs in our Colonial armies. You might also what to take a look at Mike Taber's Historifigs line for the old (and remastered) Jack Scruby Colonials. He has some German South West Africa and French Foreign Legion figures.


littlejohn said...

You could also try Riviresco, they make some pretty nice Germans have a lot of coll naval figs and equipment as well...you should also take a look at the chart at this link:


This is a colonial website called "Red Shadow" and it has a good colonial figure comparison chart


Fitz-Badger said...

Can't help with figures, but I am enjoying the pics!

Bluebear Jeff said...

I tried the GFI website . . . and Tom doesn't carry the figure types I want (his 25mm selection is quite limited) . . . and his 25mm prices would seem to be hard on my budget.

Historifigs, on the other hand, has definite possibilities. I've written to them but haven't had an answer back yet (okay, it is only a few hours).

The Revirecsco figures are listed online as 28mm . . . too big (and pricey) for my Ral Parthas.

Another possibility would be Frontier . . . IF they are actually still in business . . . their website hasn't been updated in over ten years.

Any other ideas, Gentlemen?

-- Jeff

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Jeff - given the exchange rates against the pound at the moment, you may be pleasantly surprised at how cheap Minifigs UK and some of the other UK based manufacturers are??

Bluebear Jeff said...


Unfortunately the Canadian Dollar has taken a nosedive too. It was worth $1.10 US a one point last year . . . today it is only worth 81 cents US.

A Canadian dollar is about equal to 55p . . . or the other way, one pound is equal to $1.80 Canadian.

Nevertheless, I will certainly keep your suggestion in mind.

-- Jeff

A J said...

I'm enjoying the photos of your Colonial collection too, Jeff. My own "Daftest Africa" idea follows a similar pattern.

I would echo the comment about Reviresco, and also suggest looking through the London War Room range. If you should decide to spread the net further afield Redoubt Enterprises here in England have a range of 25/28mm figures covering the Sudan, Zulu War, Boxer Rebellion (which has German Seebattalion troops) and the French Foreign Legion.


MurdocK said...


I do have some Space 1889 troops that were supposed to be able to fill in as French or German (depending on how you painted them). They are by Ral Partha.

That's as close as I can get for you.

I did not do 'darkest africa' much.

ColCampbell50 said...


The London Warroom is no more, unfortunately. The Parroom Station figures are currently being produced by Brigade Games but the figure lines that were completely developed by TLWR are in hiatus.

And Redoubt figures are much too big to match with your current crop of Ral Parthas.