Friday, February 12, 2010

Grizzlyville Progress --    

I now have 20 large buildings and 18 outbuildings (mostly privies) completed for my "Gunfights at Grizzlyville games at our upcoming local game convention.

Interestingly enough this is more than I will use for the convention games.  I want to have enough buildings for folks to manuever around and use as cover . . . but at the same time, I need to allow for enough "open space" for some distance shooting too.

So over the next week or so I will be trying out different layouts in order to get what I like . . . and, of course, there are still a few of the Whitewash City buildings that I want to build.

-- Jeff


johnpreece said...

I think in the 'Unforgiven' a character is shot while on the dunny.

However as a general rule I believe it is considered fairly caddish behaviour to shoot at a man on the privvy.

I trust your players will respect the code of the west and treat your outhouses as sanctuaries.

A J said...

Absolutely right, it's dashed unsporting to shoot a fellah whilst he's communing with nature.