Friday, October 19, 2012

Naming the Generals -- 

I have now generated names for several Generals and many Brigadiers for the Alpian Wars.  All Alpian officers have Italian names while all of the vile Stagonians have French names . . . nothing against the French, it is just that by keeping the names distinct helps readers know which side they are on.

The 18th century Stagonians had mostly French names, so I decided to keep those.  And while the Alpians could just as easily (and probably more realistically) had German names, I wanted to keep those for the Saxe-Bearsteiners (even though they were not in existance until the Thirty Years War).

Why so many names?  Well the rules that I'm using are Clarence Harrison's "Victory Without Quarter" and one of the optional rules allows for officer personalities for Brigadiers (of which there are six) and some other people who use the rules have added a couple for the C-in-C.

Each side will usually have one General and three Brigadiers for each battle of the mini-Campaign . . . and while it is unlikely, it is possible that three brigadiers might have the same personality.

Also all officers might be changed after each battle.  What I'm planning on is dicing for continuation/replacement.  Victors (each diced for separately) will stay on a 1-4 and be replaced on a 5-6; losers will only have a 50% chance of staying on -- 1-3 vs 4-6.  Replacements will be diced for as normal -- 1-3 being Steady; 4-6 having to dice for their personality.

Anyway here are the officers for the first battle:

  • General Giovanni Rossi    (Steady)
  • Brigadier Luigi Franscioni   (Steady)
  • Brigadier Paulo Lombardi  (Steady)
  • Brigadier Flavio Buffo  (Buffoon)
  • General Maxime Murdeau   (Steady)
  • Brigadier Maurice Gilbert   (Reckless)
  • Brigadier Eugene Delage   (Steady)
  • Brigadier Jacques Arnoux   (Cautious)

And where did I get the names?  Well some years ago I constructed several "name generators" for WWI pilots . . . which included both French and Italian as well as several other nationalities . . . so I simply used those.

-- Jeff


tradgardmastare said...

Naming Generals is great fun.You have some excellent ones there.I can't wait to see the campaign proceed.
best wishes

joppy said...

Random name generators can be great fun. It's always interesting to see where some of these names come from, wether family members, names of local roads, towns, etc. I use a variety of methods including the UK peerage (I've just appointed Sir Clive Sinclair as the man in charge of my Engineers, Sir Trevor Howard runs the Light Brigade, and so on). I'm currently painting up the General Staff in 28mm.

Tomo said...

I see a Brigadier Luigi... What?! No Brigadier Mario??

Anonymous said...

For suitable names for officers I generally raid the bibliographies at the back of books and select surnames of authors that "sound" right. I also keep extensive lists of "Christian" (first) names for each nationality: German, French, Italian etc. and then marry one with the other.
By the way, it's easy to find lists of names on the internet for other countries: Dutch, Irish, Hungarian.