Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Proposed ECW Foot Units

I want to use "real" units, not "imaginary" ones for my Royalist forces . . . but, of course, we really don't what color the uniforms and/or flags were for most of the ECW.

So I searched for units for which both uniform coat and regimental flag are known . . . even though they might be in differing commands or in different years.

What I've provisionally selected to eventually add to my forces can be seen at left.

The "color" above the commander's name is the coat color as found in one source or another.  Some varied by year, but these are what I'm currently looking at using.

I will not, of course, start out with all of these at once.  In fact my forces may never get to a dozen pike & shot units . . . but this (at least currently) is what I hope for.
-- Jeff


A Pikeman in Sir Henry Vaughan's Company of Foote said...

For Vaughans, the reconstructed regiment has colours like this but the opposing colour to the red is blue, with four triangular quarters, red at top and bottom blue at the sides. Same goes for Marquess of Wincher, who I believe had a black standard with the family motto "Aimez Loyaulte" emblazoned on a white scroll. Course if you have any other information proving this wrong would be really interested to see it :)

Bluebear Jeff said...

All of these flags are from the following source:

-- Jeff

tidders2 said...


in theory there were 10 companies of foot in a regiment each with it's flag or color as follows

Colonel's Cy - plain (or maybe have on it his heraldic badge or a motto)
Lieutenant-Colonel's Cy - canton in top left with plain Cross of st George
Major's Cy - as Lt-Colonel's with "stream blazant" from lower corner of canton.
The colors of the captains' companies were differenced by devices of various kinds. The First Captain's color would bear one device, the Second Captain's two, and so on.

To represent a number of colors for a unit is awkward - I use a single captains color - looks better than a plain one.

happy flagging !

-- Allan

Ross Mac said...

A promising start.

Bluebear Jeff said...


Thank you. I did know all of that . . . but like you I plan on using one of the Captain's flags (or possibly two -- one for each pike stand) rather than going for the rather bland Colonels' flags.

-- Jeff

arthur1815 said...

I have often thought the numbers of devices on the Captains' colours would be a great way of recording unit strength or morale - simply change the colour so the number of devices equalled the new status. If the colours were made of paper, with the 'fly' being a hollow tube (a drinking straw or similar), it would be easy to remove one from the ensign's pole and replace it with another.
You could have the three senior officers' colours represent Morale - Colonel: High; Lt-Col.: Steady; Major: Poor/Wavering - and the Captains' colours show strength or combat effectiveness on a scale of 1-10 or a lower mximum. No ugly markers or casualty caps...