Sunday, August 11, 2013

What Color Coat Did They Wear in the ECW ???

Do you know what color uniform coat the following Royalist foor regiments wore during at least part of the English Civil Wars?  If so please leave a comment as to which regiment it is and what the coat color was:

(Please note that, as replies come in, I will add a note to those identified)

  • Ashley, Colonel
  • Aston, Sir Arthur
  • Astley, Sir Bernard -- White
  • Bagot, Col. Richard -- Dark Blue
  • Bellasyse, Col. John -- 1643 Oxford re-issue -- either Blue or Red
  • Byerley, Sir Anthony -- 1644 possibly White
  • Chaytor, Col. Henry
  • Cooke, Col. Francis -- Blue
  • Darcy, Col. Conyers -- Blue
  • Duke of York -- 1644 possibly White
  • Earl Rivers -- Oxford Blue
  • Fitton, Sir Edward -- 1643 Oxford re-issue -- either Blue or Red
  • Lambton, Sir William
  • Lord Byron
  • Lord Molyneux -- Burgandy suit
  • Lucas, Sir Gervase -- Blue coat, White facings, Yellow breeches
  • Marquis of Winchester -- Burgandy suit
  • Strading, Sir Edward -- 1643 Oxford re-issue -- either Blue or Red
  • Thelwell, Sir Anthony -- 1643 Oxford re-issue -- either Blue or Red
  • Vaughan, Sir Henry -- Red suit, Dark Blue facings
 -- Jeff


A Pikeman in Sir Henry Vaughan's Company of Foote said...

Earl Rivers-Oxford Blue
Lord Molyneux-Burgundy Suit
Sir Gervase Lucas-Blue Coat, White Facings, yellow breeches
Marquis of Winchester-Burgundy Suit
Sir Henry Vaughan-Red suit, dark blue facings
Arguably, bar those units who have not been investigated by units of the SK and ECWS, always worth investigating in Osprey/Caliver books by the likes of Turton and Peachey. Barring information from sources/unit flags (dominant colour coat, other colour facings) can always base unit uniform on the Tertio/army that regiment was based e.g. Oxford Blue suit etc. Hope that helps

Mosstrooper said... This page from the Baccus figure site has some info on coat colours , Tony

A Pikeman in Sir Henry Vaughan's Company of Foote said...

Bagot's-Dark Blue

SteelonSand said...

From Peachey and Prince:

Belasyse: mid 1643 re-issue of coats at Oxford, either red or blue

Byerley: Marston Moor 1644, possibly white

Duke of York: at Aldbourne Chase Muster 1644, possibly white

Fitton: mid 1643 re-issue at Oxford, either red or blue

Stradling: as above

Thelwell: as above.

This is a very vexing subject, and as Peachey and Prince say in "ECW Flags and Colours, 1: English Foot" - we know more about what we don't know, and less about what we do..........

As the other commenters above have said, a look at the coats worn by current re-enactors can be a general guide, and there are some decent sources online, but to be honest, all very much in 'take with a pinch of salt' territory.....

The reality that the King's Army was often in dearth of re-supply, and frequently made use of captured stocks as well as seized civilian clothing means that regiments probably had differing appearances at different periods of the war, and when we know of re-supply, Oxford Blue and Red, or a lot of Newcastle White pre Marston Moor, we rarely know what each regiment received exactly...... my advice - Best guess - and let anyone prove different!


Katie said...

Cooke -- Blue, possibly followed by Grey, no facing listed. (sources: ECWSA website and the Forlorn Hope rules).