Friday, August 02, 2013

Some ECW Figures

Well today some sample Perry Miniatures ECW figures that I'd ordered appeared in the mail.

Perry's Pistol-armed Cavalry
I've read a number of places that they mix well with the Warlord plastics (which have not yet arrived -- so I cannot verify whether they do or not).

By the way, the photos on this page are not mine but are from the Perry website.

Perry's Musketeers Loading
And while the photos might make these appear to also be plastic, the figures I received are metal . . . and very well-cast, sharply detailed metal indeed.  They look very nice.

When the Warlord plastics arrive I will let you know just how well (or not) they do mix.

-- Jeff


marinergrim said...

They do mix exactly with the plastics - almost indistinguishable.

Paul Liddle said...

Yes, they're lovely figures. I bought some generals and a cannon and crew last week. Good service too, they were ordered Sunday evening and came on Tuesday.

They fit in perfectly with my Warlords and Foundry too.