Friday, April 20, 2007

More on Saxe-Bearstein Units --

Some time back (January 21, 2007) I wrote about various options for naming units. After some thought, my current plans are to name most units by their inhaber. The inhaber is the "owner" of the regiment. Often this is either a member of the royal family. another nobleman or occasionally the unit's colonel.

This allows me to even change the unit's name upon occasion if I decide that I like something better. It also allows me to use some of the names that I came up with when I first began to create Saxe-Bearstein.

My intention then (as now) was to name most units after either bears or beers . . . with the emphasis on the later (since there are so many wonderfully Germanic-sounding beer brands). Thus the first fewunits that will find their way to the paint table will probably be . . .
  • Infantry Regiment von Molson
  • Infantry Regiment von Schlitz
  • Infantry Regiment von Lowenbrau
  • Infantry Regiment von Bock
  • von Coors Kuirassiers
  • Edelbrau Dragoons

-- Jeff

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Snickering Corpses said...

Edelbrau Dragoons is interesting, because it could as easily be a place name as an inhaber name.