Thursday, April 05, 2007

Tensions Ease in Saxe-Bearstein --

The arrival of Jakub, szlachta of Mieczyslaw, to the court of Bruno V, Prince of Saxe-Bearstein has somewhat eased the tensions that arose with the recent mobilization of Mieczyslaw's army.

The Furst (Bruno's real title -- which is usually translated as "Prince") was assured by Jakub that the Duchy merely wished to parade its troops so that the citizens of the Duchy would be reassured that they were safe . . . and Jakub whispered as he winked at the Furst, "besides it encourages the troops to clean and polish their equipment so that they can impress the girls".

The net result of the meeting was that the Furst is willing to send an ambassador to Mieczyslaw and to accept one from them as well.

Further discussion centered around the secrecy from the Duchy of the North and the apparent aggressive tendencies of Monrovia toward the Kingdom of Wittenberg.

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

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old-tidders said...

Its nice to now that the Duchy of Mieczyslaw is not on a war footing, however I'm not so sure about Monrovia though

Allan (Wittenberg)