Sunday, April 22, 2007

Names for Saxe-Bearstein Units --

Thinking back upon the 'history' of Saxe-Bearstein, I noted that the von Ursas (then called Franscioni) originated in Switzerland. This gave me an idea and I looked up Swiss Beers . . . which helped me fill out the names for my Saxe-Bearstein units.

So, here follows the various names I've come up with for the RSM units which I either have or have on order. By the way, to your left you will see the basic pattern for Cavalry flags. The von Ursa Horse Grenadier standard is shown. As you will note, the basic color of the flag is the "regimental trim color".

Starting with the mounted regiments. Eventually it looks like I'll have seven in total. Three of these will be "Heavy Horse":
  • von Ursa Horse Grenadiers -- Red coat trimmed in Black
  • von Klosterbrau Kuirassiers -- White coat trimmed in Red
  • von Kodiak Kuirassiers -- White coat trimmed in Blue
In addition, there will be four "Other Horse" units. The flag to your left is the standard of the Wildschwein Dragoons -- the name means "wild boar", which somehow seems to me to be very appropriate for a dragoon unit. The bottom color is the same as the coat; the top color is the trim color; and the grey section will be trimmed away.

Saxe-Bearstein looks to have two units of Dragoons:
  • Edelbrau Dragoons -- Buff coat trimmed Green
  • Wildschwein Dragoons -- Buff coat trimmed Red
And eventually I intend to have two Hussar units (based on the two uniforms of Luckner's Hussars):
  • Heineken Hussars -- the Green uniform with Mirlton
  • Hopfenperle Hussars -- the Red/White uniform with Busby
Of course the heart of any good Eighteenth Century army is its Infantry. To your left you will see the basic pattern for all Infantry standards. The 'cross' is in the regimental trim color; while the diagonal 'rays' are in the color of the coat.

The central oval and corner leaves are in the color of the hat tape (generally this is the button color as well -- but not always).

Since I'm in Canada, the flag I've chosen to feature today is that of Infantry Regiment von Molson (Molson is a Canadian beer company whose colors are . . . you guessed it . . . red, white and blue).

Eventually I should have nine Battalions of Regular Foot:
  • Furst's Own Grenadier Guard -- Red coat trimmed in Gold
  • Regiment von Becks -- Red coat trimmed in White
  • Regiment von Carling -- Red coat trimmed in Black
  • Regiment von Coors -- Red coat trimmed in Yellow
  • Regiment von Grolsch -- Red coat trimmed in Lt. Green
  • Regiment von Lowenbrau -- Red coat trimmed in Lt. Blue
  • Regiment von Molson -- Red coat trimmed in Blue
  • Regiment von Schlitz -- Red coat trimmed in Maroon
  • Regiment von Urquel -- Red coat trimmed in Dk. Green
Now, while some of these units may change before they reach the tabletop, I suspect that the bulk of them will remain as above.

I'm also planning on some artillery pieces and jagers . . . but naming those will come later.

-- Jeff


Snickering Corpses said...

Did Steve Urkel of Family Matters (TV show) ever get imported to Canada?

I just noticed the Regiment von Urquel, and had sudden visions of an entire battalion of little nerds in suspenders querying with high nasal voices after a battle, "Did we do that?"

Bluebear Jeff said...

Pilsner Urquell is one of the world's great beers. As Wikipedia says . . .

"It is the world's first pilsener, or golden beer, developed by Bavarian brewer Josef Groll in 1842. Most popular lagers produced in the rest of the world are based upon this original beer. Any beer that calls itself a pilsner, pilsener or pils is referring to its being made in the style of this beer."

So, while I forgot the final "l" in typing the name of the regiment, it does come from a noble brewing tradition and not from a TV show.

-- Jeff

Auston Jeff Butler said...

I like the regimental names.