Saturday, October 14, 2006

"Afristan" Colonial Campaign Map --

Unfortunately, our move to Canada stifled a 19th Century Colonial Campaign that I was set to run.

The players were to explore (and exploit) the newly-discovered mini-continent of "Afristan", set in the Indian Ocean.

Seen at left is the "basic" map of Afristan. It shows the terrain but does not indicate any native settlements.

Afristan has four major river systems -- the Wazu, Cango, Vile and Tyger rivers. And five major mountains -- Mt. Horn, Mt. Fang, Mt. Moonz, Mt. Khyber and the centrally located Mt. Killajaro.

There are at least a dozen different native tribes inhabiting this continent -- the Afcans, Bintu, Derfish, Fozzi, Ghuzi, Kunda, M'bele, N'zulu, Pashan, Raff, Tuwazi and Wapago . . . . however, there are rumors of other mysterious tribes in Afristan's mountains.

I had four players lined up and ready to go. The German was going to explore the Cango; France, the Wazu; Turkey, the Vile; and the British player was headed up the Tyger.

Perhaps, after we finally get settled down, I'll look into running this campaign again.

On another note, Murdock's bing Auerstadt refight is next on the agenda. Hopefully some pictures with tomorrow's post.

-- Jeff


Poruchik said...


Have you thought about a play by mail or email campaign? It could be fun. You might want to consider it.


Bluebear Jeff said...


I'll think about it . . . but right now my focus is on my SYW projects . . . so please don't expect it right away.

Playing via email has some advantages . . . but also many difficulties. One of the nice things about having everyone together is that the controllers of "other countries" are available to play as "natives" in any confict that may occur . . . not to mention the inevitable "poaching" on another player's river.

But, if you are looking to play in such a game, get your request in (and maybe rustle up some other players) and I'll see if I can locate the campaign rules that I wrote and see how I can adjust them to an email game.

(But please don't expect immediate action on my part.)

-- Jeff

Oldpaw said...

We'll have to revisit this idea some day!