Monday, October 23, 2006

The Madness of It All --

Here I am -- in a situation where I am unable to paint for some time to come -- and I have lots of lead to paint. I have four 26-man Battalions, four 13-horse Regiments, four Artillery pieces, and a bunch of Generals . . . .

. . . So, what am I thinking of . . . right, ordering more lead for my Saxe-Bearstein army!

Does anyone else do this?

Does anyone else want to order more lead when they haven't yet painted what they already have (which will be more than sufficient for a fair while)? Am I alone in this madness? Or are there more of us "lead junkies"?

-- Jeff


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Hi Jeff,

Oh yes! I've got a big box full of MiniFigs 15mm Napoleonics that I purchased in 1989 that I've been whittling away at for years with quite a few unopened packets to go. And lately,I've been fighting the temptation to buy enough for a battalion of 60 or so Spencer Smith figures. I've discovered that they are only 2-3 millimeters taller than the figures I've been working with and would like to have at least one unit of so-called "old school" figures in The Grand Duchy of Stollen's army. SO far, I've been able to resist the urge -- a good thing too, since I already have enough figures at hand to complete most of the imaginary armies. But then there are those lovely RSM figures too. . . Sigh.

Enjoy the day,


Poruchik said...


I think we all suffer from it. I have done a fair job of sticking to my two current projects and then a friend of mine shows me the Musketeer Miniatures GNW range. Know this is a period I've intended to buy and paint for awhile. So I find my discipline tossed to the wind, I order a sample of each available pack (fortunately there are only 4) and I know when I get them I'll stop what I'm doing, regardless of the consequences and paint a few of each.

Oh my friend you are not alone! You are not alone!


MurdocK said...


You are definately NOT alone.

I have 15mm US Civil War armies (yes ARMIES) stored away. I got them at the same time I got the 15mm ancients...the price was right (70% off!) and I was interested in them at the time...that time was 1995. So far, they have been out of the packages once. Then I was posted, then I left the military, then I got married, then I started having children...sigh.

Since focussing on the Napoleonics and having the means to make my own minis, I have gotten worse.

I will sometimes cast-up whole loads of troops, only to melt some down a year later since the needs have changed and they are not yet painted.

Self-discipline goes out the window when the opportunity presents itself...

I had a friend, fellow gamer, whom had cancer recently. He passed away and at the reception I heard from his widow that she was still expecting 2 or 3 packages from the UK as he had been ordering more during his chemo-therapy regimes. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

marinergrim said...

Guilty as charged. The big blue box is the evidence - minis bought for projects when current one's are still in progress.

Anonymous said...


We are like dragons sitting on a hoard of gold.

Our shiny metal piles waiting to painted attract us to increase the hoard. It's only natural ...


Patrick Lewis said...

Are you kidding?

Just when I thought I got a grip on resisting the siren song of buying new miniature wargaming stuff, I've gone ahead and bought most of the "...And All for One" line of figures from Eureka. (These are 40mm Three Musketeers figures along with various props like tankards, plates, tables and such.) Honestly, I wouldn't have bought them if I hadn't read the free rules for the figures; it just looked like too much fun and there was NO way I could resist. (The rules really do look brilliant, btw. Very "Hollywood" — cinematic, if you will — in that they allow you do anything you've ever seen in a swashbuckler movie and then some. Only four pages of rules and some dead clever game mechanics made this a "must have.")

Anonymous said...

just bought a Bargin......... 70 russian 28mm syw, and 70 imp romans....... shame i've still got to paint my awi figures i bought five months ago...

Snickering Corpses said...

I've got around 600 Napoleonics waiting to be painted, but I've been pondering purchasing a few more. In my case, my justification is the sheer imbalance of my forces. I have 300 more French than British, and that could make for some pretty nasty battles if I don't bring the Brits up to snuff ;)