Sunday, December 31, 2006

15mm Problem --

As I end this year with a miserable head cold, I have a problem.

Oh, it isn't a terrible problem; but it has been occupying my mind the last few days. I have been (and continue to be) too watermelon-headed to be able to think straight enough to do any real work on Saxe-Bearstein or my "Tricorne Wars" rules for 25mm gaming.

Instead I've been toying with what I want to do with 15mm 9YW/WSS/GNW figures after I've got my Saxe-Bearstein troops painted.

I know that I want rules with a different feel for them. I long ago learned that from time-to-time we need to shift periods . . . or perhaps "styles of play" is an even more accurate way of putting it. It helps keep us fresh.

So I've been idling the time between naps and blowing my nose with some speculation as to what I might want with 15mm. I plan on using Editions Brokaw figures for it. I know that. Why? Because they are very economical, look very easy to paint and have a wide selection of army-specific troops.

They come with either 20 infantry (including command) or 10 cavalry (also including command) in a bag for $4.00 US. This prices them very very well on this side of "The Pond". Yes, I'd love to have Dixons . . . but I can't afford them in any quantity. The EB troops are affordable -- and while they may lack the detail of the newer lines, that means less that HAS to be painted.

Okay, so how many figures do I want in a Battalion? 18? 24? 30? 36? 48? 60? Arrrrgggghhh! I don't know.

But it's fun to think about . . . and helps while away the time while I'm ill. Once I've decided upon a unit size, I can begin to think about rules.

I know that I want simple, easy-to-teach rules. I'll gladly sacrifice detailed correctness for quick jolly fun. A couple of rule sets that are possibilities are "Under the Lily Banner" by Barry Hilton (version 5 due out soon) and "Victory without Quarter" by Clarence Harrison. The former is right on period; while the latter is an ECW set (but should convert easily). Both of these use 18-man Battalions and 6-horse Squadrons which are easily doable with the EB figures.

"But . . . " my inner devil whispers . . . "is that the scale I really want?"

I don't know the answer . . . all I know is that it has helped me fight the misery of this "bug".

May you all have a wonderful New Year!

-- Jeff

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marinergrim said...

Happy New year Jeff.

What a ay to start the New Year - having to make decisions about scale and battalion size. I've always found that the smaller the figures the bigger the battalion should be to make it look good.