Sunday, December 24, 2006

Bad Bear; Bad, Bad Bluebear --

I'm doing it again. I'm being bad. Santa must have added my name to the "wrong list".


Well, I'm suddenly getting quite interested in . . . another period.

Sure, I know that I've got a few hundred dollars of unpainted lead for Saxe-Bearstein (and they are next on the agenda . . . I promise); but I've started researching a new period.

And it is all Barry Hilton's fault. I was looking through his gallery of photos of the Wars of the League of Augsburg and I got enthused. Here is a "tinyized" link to that gallery:

I then Googled for information on the "League of Augsburg" (also known as the "Nine Years War" as well as several other names). It sounds like a fascinating period and Barry has a nice set of rules for it too . . . so I'm getting interested in it . . . and that makes me . . .

. . . a "bad bear", a very "bad, bad bluebear".

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

-- "Bluebear" Jeff


MurdocK said...

I've looked over that site before, some nice looking brushwork.

Not a period that I have had any great focus on before, and now I have projects galore for focus - and limited time to get the painting done.

IF it raises your hopes any Jeff, Pete was over during silly season and we set upon the molding process as late January, he has picked out 19 minis for the project and he will take some 'heavy' and light cav from what I have already along with the guns from the Prince August moulds.

Looks like the Swedes are on their all he needs to do is pick a nation name and start BLOGGING!

Bluebear Jeff said...

Great news about Pete.

And don't worry, the 9YW period is one that I'll do in 15mm at a later date. I already have a lot of figures for it "somewhere in storage".

Yes, it is time for Pete to start thinking about his imaginary country . . . and to start blogging!

Happy New Year!

-- Jeff

Poruchik said...

I think we all suffer from the same illness! It can be very hard to maintain focus on the project at hand. I find lists with built in rewards to be excellent. When I finish painting the 2nd division of Russians for the RTW project I can then buy another regiment for Vulgaria-sort of thing.

regards and glad the power is back,