Thursday, December 28, 2006

I Hate Colds --

I'm fighting a nasty head and chest cold . . . and I hate that stuffy head, achy bones feeling . . . and my cough is a nasty one that really wracks my body (and doesn't help my sore throat any either).

Nothing seems to work properly . . . my mind seems to be in neutral . . . I can't seem to make the gears mesh.

Anyway, since several of my fellow 18th century bloggers have recently been building some . . . er, buildings . . . I dug out a couple of photos of some that I'd made before our move.

True, they are not 18th century, but they do sort of fit the current theme . . . besides, I'm too groggy to think of something on my own.

Back on September 12th I posted some photos of my "wild west" buildings. Here are a couple of views that didn't get posted.

The first (of the two storey hotel) should give you a rough idea of the building's footprint. I always try to remember that everything that takes up room on the tabletop does so at the expense of "figure room". I try to make terrain pieces as small as practicable without destroying believability.

The second photo shows the "rear view" of two otherwise quite similar buildings. It doesn't take much of a variation in detail to make buildings look quite different.

One of the tricks I used here was to slightly vary the width and height of the walls. I also, as you can see, shifted the position of the rear doors (as well as making slight changes on the front . . . and with window positions).

The result is that I have two "different" buildings from the same basic design. Now, if they are placed at different angles, they're simply perceived as different buildings without the viewer even thinking about it.

Anyway, I hope that none of you have a miserable cold; and that your gaming goes well in the coming new year.

-- Jeff

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Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Hi Jeff,

Sorry to learn of your cold. On a more pleasant note, your wild west buildings look great! Did you use balsa wood strips for the walls? How did you make the roofs? What are the precise dimensions of the buildings? Coincidenally, my wife and I watch The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly last night!

Get Well Soon,