Sunday, December 10, 2006

A "Rival" Country --

Some while ago (November 17), I posted some flag patterns for an "opponent" (loosely based on Austria).

At that time, I indicated that I was considering calling them "Eaglestein". Grimsby Mariner pointed out that this was perhaps too similar a name to my own Saxe-Bearsteiners.

After some moments of thought, I agreed . . . but until this morning, I hadn't decided what to call them. Then it struck me. What do the following major powers in the Seven Years War have in common? Prussia, Russia and Austria?

Yes, their names all end in "ia" . . . and thus was "Eagallia" born.

Based on Austria, there would be two rough types of troops in her army -- corresponding to German and Hungarian troops. The former would be in "all white" uniforms (except for regimental color and equipment, of course); while the latter would be in white coats, but have pants in the regimental color.

I've posted a couple of infantry colors to demonstrate the differences I envision. The first flag shows a "Germanic" Eagallian unit with blue facings; the second, a "Hungarian" Egallian unit with gold facings.

The chief difference, of course, being the background of the central "oval". For the "all white" Germanic units; while the Hungarian-style units will have a red background to the "oval".

(Note to myself -- I need to come up with names other than "Germanic" and "Hungarian" for the two divisions of the Eagallian army.)

Finally, I've uploaded the pattern for the "Hungarian" cavalry. Again, it features the "red oval" for these troops to differentiate them for the flag pattern published previously (see my November 17 blog).

Dragoons for both divisions will have a "swallowtail" (two-lobed) flag and Hussars will have a triangular pennant-style flag.

Okay, so why am I going into such detail for my "opposing" country?

As I may or may not have mentioned before, I have an extensive collection of old "smaller" 25mm SYW figures. I don't like them nearly as well as the RSM95 figures that I'll be using for Saxe-Bearstein, but I've got a lot of them.

I'm figuring that I can use a white primer (I normally use black, then white damp-brush before painting). Then, leaving the bulk of these figures white, I'll add skin, facings and equipment to make serviceable opponents that someone else can field until they have their own army painted.

Now, I admit that I won't be giving these troops a very careful (or even good) paint job, but that will encourage others to finish painting their own guys. . . . And, if they don't do so, well at least there will be troops for them to play (even though my Saxe-Bearstein men will look so much better).

Anyhow, that's the plan.

Of course, until our weather gets a bit better, I can't even think of priming these old figures . . . and until their primed, I can't begin painting.


-- Jeff


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Hi Jeff!

What great flags and terrific plans for your opposing troops! I also like the name 'Eagallia'. Well done!

For all of the white-uniformed Eagallian forces yuo envision, you might try undercoating them in a suitable shade of tan, khaki, or mid-grey before adding strategic highlights in white. This would be a fairly easy and rapid way to give some added "depth" and interest to the Eagallian figures.

Careful painting with a well-pointed #2 or #3 brush allows one to make it look as though crossbelts and the like are outlined -- that's what I do with my black undercoating technique -- and it's MUCH easier than outlining with either black paint or a drafting pen later.

Otherwise, I can't wait to see how these figures shape up. When will your painting things and home furnishings finally arrive?

Have a good afternoon,


Bluebear Jeff said...


Thank you for the kind comments and ideas. As for my paints, they are buried somewhere (I know not where) in a storage facility along with the majority of our possessions. It is here in Canada . . . but I'm not physically up to hauling several hundred boxes (mainly of books) out of storage in order to find paints that I really can't use at present.

We are living in a small cabin (about 600 square feet) and don't really have room for me to set-up someplace to paint . . . not to mention a pair of cats who firmly believe that ALL THINGS are "cat toys".

We need our condo in California to sell so that we can find a permanent home up here.

-- Jeff

marinergrim said...

Looking good as always Jeff.

Good news about the power supply as well.

MurdocK said...

Just a note from Jeff.

He has asked me to comment saying that his power (and telephone - land line) services have been cut off.

This interruption has caused Jeff to be offline for some time and will likely continue for some time to come.

We have at least three more large gales expected over the next 4-5 days and since the little island Jeff is living on right now is 'low' on the priority list for restoring power it will likely be some time before we can all be connected with him again.


marinergrim said...

Well I for one wish him the best. Can't imagine it's much fun with no power and a raging storm - there again does it bring out any of the "pioneer" spirit?
On the up side, even if Jeff had his paints with him he couldn't paint by candle light (could he?).

So what to do on those dark, stormy nights with none of the luxuries we expect in the 21st cent?

Bluebear Jeff said...


I'm back. We were without power for just a few minutes short of 100 hours. I'll try to post something later tonight, but for right now, we're just glad to have power again.

-- Jeff