Monday, September 11, 2006

Even More GNW Photos --

You guessed it . . . more photos of my Great Northern War figures.

These, sadly to say, are not from a game. Instead they were simply placed on some convenient terrain for pictures.

The first photo is of a Russian musketeer unit.

While the "traditional" Russian colors were green coats with red trim, many of the units at the start of the eighteenth century wore different colors.

Many Russian units wore red (as in picture #1), blue and white as well as different greens.

Likewise, while everyone knows that Swedes always wore blue, there were exceptions.

Picture #2 shows a Swedish Dragoon regiment which was uniformed in green.

The next photo (#3) shows an artillery unit.

The three figures on the gun base tell me that it is a "medium" gun (4 to 9 pounder in my rules).

The single figure (with sword) is a "command" figure whose position is used to indicate the unit's current "cohesion".

Finally, the last unit pictured is a Swedish cavalry unit.
Once again, the single figure leading the unit is a "cohesion" marker.

Remember, if you "click" on any photo, you will get to see a larger version of it.


-- Jeff


Poruchik said...


Very nice work and most impressive organized for parade. I like the look of the units set for battle.

I have heard rumor that Sash and Saber will be sculpting the GNW in 40mm next year. It's a period I like and I've come to really appreciate the look of the 40's so if that holds true I'll make the jump to GNW this summer.

Good job and thanks for sharing the photos!


marinergrim said...

The GNW is one of those "forgotten" periods that seem to be increasing in popularity. Drabant produce a great range of 40mm figures (bit steep on price though £4 for a foot figure from Old glory). Musketeer Miniatures are developing a new 28mm range. Reiver Castings have a mixed range - I like the foot and the jury is out on the horse. Not heard of bloodaxe but they look good.

Nice work Jeff.