Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Grand Scheme --

Well, for now at least, here's what I'm planning.

I've got a bunch of RSM figures for my Saxe-Bearstein troops (note -- loosely based on SYW Hanoveran uniforms). I also have a whole bunch of very old SYW 25mm figures that I got at a convention flea market over 25 years ago.

They're what I call "small 25s". I'm not sure of the manufacturer, but they are certainly not up to the RSM standard . . . but I have around 450 foot and 100 cavalry of these figures.

Anyway, my hope is to encourage others in my area
(northern Vancouver Island, BC, Canada) to build their own imaginary armies. One guy is pretty much set; but a couple of others will need to see troops on the table.

So, my current plan is to spray them with white primer
(actually, several coats of white primer) and base them on the Austrian . . . excuse me, Eaglestein . . . forces. Since the nice thing about Austrians is that white is the dominant color so they won't take a horrible amount of finishing.

True, they won't look anywhere nearly as good as my Saxe-Bearstein troops, but that's partailly the point, isn't it?

-- Jeff

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marinergrim said...

450 figures at a flea market sale - well done Jeff. I regulalry go around car boot sales here in the UK but rarely find anything of interest (it's even getting harder to find GW stuff that the kids have grown out of).