Friday, September 01, 2006

Unit Colours --

No, I don't mean uniform colors. I mean the flags that are with each unit.

The flag to the left is the "national colour" of Saxe-Bearstein. It has the "red bear" that the original mercenary company ("The Bears") carried when the left Switzerland all those centuries ago.

The "field" is grain gold in color in honor of the grain that is brewed into the wonderful beers that Saxe-Bearstein is so famous for. The "grape leaves" in the corners honor the wines for which the principality are also so well known.

Cavalry "colours" (also known as "standards") contain the Saxe-Bearstein red bear in a center oval. The color of the oval and the corner grape leaves is the same as the "button color" of the unit's uniforms.

The major background color of the rest of the cavalry standard is in the regimental color -- the same as their cuffs and other trim. Cavalry standards are square (as are infantry colours) but are smaller than infantry standards.

Infantry standards follow much the same pattern as the cavalry . . . but with the addition of diagonal "rays" in the color of the uniform coat (which is usually red).

Again, the color of the oval is in the "button color"; and the major color of the "cross" is in the regimental cuff color.

I believe that these flags (while totally "made up") are quite successful in representing the "Seven Years War look".

-- Jeff


Anonymous said...


Congrats on your blog. Nice start on Saxe-Bearstein too! Getting the background story started is always good. Gets the juices flowing.

Who is documenting the Great War between Florin and Guilder, using RSM95 figures of course!
Still Blogless.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Well, Jim, what are you waiting for?

I was surprised at how easy it is to start a blog . . . not only that, but it's free.

Florin and Guilder sound like an interesting pair of opponents. I'd like to learn more.

-- Jeff

Anonymous said...

So would I !

I am totally engrossed in all you guy's blogs on the fictional countries and am going to start one too in 28mm.

I initially had two small states in 15mm called Leder and Hosen and started writing a history for them, but now I am wondering if those names are too corny?

Anyway, I am working my way through all these linked blogs and am enjoying them tremendously. Thanks guys and keep it coming!



Bluebear Jeff said...


When you do start a blog, please let us know about it . . . otherwise it is quite difficult to find a new blog.

As to names, one of the prime reasons we create imaginary countries is the "fun" of it. So, as long as you enjoy them, use whatever names you like. I certainly don't find them too corny.

-- Jeff