Thursday, September 07, 2006

Rules & "WAG" --

There are a great many rules available for 18th Century tabletop gaming . . . but none that I've found quite suit my taste. Hence, in a tradition as old as tabletop gaming, I am in the process of writing my own.

I'm wanting just the right rules for the WAG.

What? You say you've never even heard of the "Wars for Arcadian Glory"? . . . . Well, that's actually not so surprising since they are yet to be fought.

I'm living on Vancouver Island -- off the western coast of Canada -- and the local gaming group is called the "Arcadian Guild". Here's a link to their website:

Anyway, my eventual goal is to encourage a number of members of the Arcadian Guild to build mid-18th century armies (for imaginary countries) . One very active member is already working on his army.

We've had a few "playtests" of my rules . . . and they went pretty well. Not perfectly, of course, but we were able to identify several areas that needed more attention.

We had a very enjoyable refight of the 1706 Battle of Fraustadt . . . . which, although of an earlier war ("Great Northern War" -- with Pike & Shot on both sides), allowed me to see what worked and what needed work.

So, now I am working on an update of "Bluebear's Tricorne Wars" version 0.2.

-- Jeff

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