Friday, June 23, 2006

Figures on Order --

I ordered a bunch of RSM95 Seven Years War Hanoveran figures today to begin building my Saxe-Bearstein army. They were a bit of a belated birthday gift for myself
(from my wife -- although she doesn't know it yet -- but she tells me to get what I want).

I'm going to paint my army in the colors of Hanover -- line infantry in Red Coats; Horse and Dragoons in White; and Hussars in their wonderfully colorful attire. Later I'll add some Light Infantry in Green coats. And, of course, all of the above have a variety of "facing colors" to identify each unit.

Eventually I'll add the "Legion Brittanique" units. While a part of the Hanoveran army, their coats were in a variety of colors (light blue with cream trim, white with orange trim, dark blue with red trim, etc.). This will serve to work as opposing troops as well part of the Saxe-Bearstein army, if so needed.

To start with, however, I'll have five 26-man Infantry units (that's six 4-man stands plus one 2-man colourbearer stand with their flags per unit); and four 13-horse cavalry units (one horse grenadier, one heavy cav, one dragoon and one hussar). All cavalry units will have four 3-horse stands plus a colourbearer stand of one horse with flag.

I'll also have some artillery (I should be getting four guns plus crew); and a number of general officers. Should be a good start towards an army.

I will alternate painting infantry units and cavalry units in order to keep things interesting as I paint a unit at a time.

-- Jeff
Getting Started --

Well, here I am starting a blog. I'm not all that sure what I'm doing, but we'll see what happens.

This blog will be about "Saxe-Bearstein". Never heard of it, you say? Well, little wonder since it is an imaginary 18th century country.

Why create an imaginary country? Well, because I'm a tabletop gamer. I play with "little toy soldiers" on a large tabletop. Sure, I've fought (read "gamed") lots of historical battles -- but usually the odds are stacked in favor of one side or the other.

Saxe-Bearstein will join other imaginary countries in the "Wars of Arcadian Glory".

This refers to the "Arcadian Guild", which is a loose organization of gamers in British Columbia, Canada. Their website is here . . .

With luck, a number of us will build armies and have a grand time on the tabletop.

-- Bluebear_Jeff