Monday, July 20, 2015

An Update

You might have noticed that I've done very little blogging of late.  The reason is simple, I am back on chemotherapy and between that and my pain meds, I am usually exhausted and seldom clear-headed.

I was able to 'referee' a 16th century battle using Clarence Harrison's "Victory Without Quarter" ECW rule set.  Murdock and Rob faced off and (as expected because he's played before and Rob was new to these rules) Murdock emerged victorious . . . although Rob did destroy several of Murdock's units.

Here are a few photos:

Rob's Centre at start of game.

Murdock's right flank

Mid-battle after a number of units lost on each side.

I was also without a computer for a week or so. I had been thinking of getting a new one anyway when I somehow picked up some nasty malware and my old computer was essentially junk.

So rather than try to salvage it, I bought a new one and it took quite a while for the tech guys to save (and transfer) most of my old data files.

Anyway, I am now back . . . but at a much-reduced level.

-- Jeff