Friday, May 14, 2010

A Siren's Song --     

I'm sure that it happens to lots of us.  I have masses of lead to paint in a couple of periods that I really like . . . and I'm being tempted to start another period.

I know that I should stick with my SYW and Colonial projects.  I know it.  But . . .

But I'm being tempted by a lot of really nice photos of units and games using ECW troops.  That's the English Civil War for those who might be unfamiliar with it . . . you know, the various conflicts (there were a number of phases) in the mid-17th century.  Not the much earlier War of the Roses (which is what one of our local bookstores thought).

The Quindia series "Collecting a Wargames Army 101" (series of 8 icons about halfway down the page) first excited me.  Then many photos on sites like Angus Konstam's ECW page, Lead Gardens , Steve's Fieldworks, For Ye Kinge and others fueled my interest.

So the "Siren call" has been heard . . . but I don't have any figures (I'll probably opt for the Old Glory Army Deal at some point) and I haven't got a rule set that I like a lot yet . . . so I wouldn't know how many figures to paint for a unit . . . and I haven't read all of the history books that I've already purchased for the period.

So why am I wanting to start painting?

It is that darn Siren.  I'm sure that you've heard similar calls . . . oh, maybe not for the ECW, but for something . . . for some period.

So far I'm resisting.  I am wavering on whether to paint SYW or Colonial figures when Murdock comes over for our paint day . . . but I'm trying not to head that Siren's call.

-- Jeff

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Recovering from a Bad Knee --     

I've spent most of the past fortnight in considerable pain.  I had some loose cartiledge in my right knee go awry and it triggered a gout attack in the knee.

Between the two of them I was pretty much out of it . . . (thank goodness for strong pain pills).  I'm still using a cane to get around the house (and I won't try the stairs down to my "war room" for a few days yet), but I'm now down to just taking Tylenol.

Sadly I've not been able to do much hobbywise because everything was downstairs.  I've read some blog posts . . . and left a few comments (some of which made little sense thanks to being spacey with the pain meds).

Murdock called the other day and we've arranged for him to come over on the 30th for a "Painting Day" . . . which I'm looking forward to.  I've always found that I get more done when I'm painting with a friend. 

I've been reading a fair amount of favorable comments about the "Black Powder" rules . . . but of course the copy I got from is downstairs and has thus been  unobtainable for a few weeks.  I think that we'll have to give it a try this Summer.

So, I've been "out of it" for a while, but I'm getting back (I hope) relatively soon.

-- Jeff