Thursday, May 17, 2012

I am humbled --   

Bill Protz (Gallia) has created a wonderful "story board" of images using characters from his "Campaigns of William Augustus Pettygree" and "Campaigns in Germania" blogs to welcome me back from hospital on the "Emperor vs Elector" group blog.

I am, as always, humbled by his creativity and honored by his effort.  Here is a link to his post.

Likewise, Michael Mathews of "Campaigns in Miniature" has also offered a touching "welcome back" series of images to greet my return from 20 days in hospital.  And, as his blog moves on to other posts, you may always see his "Celebration" here.

Again I am deeply touched by the effort that Michael and Bill (two gentlemen whom I have never actually met) have taken for me.

Thank you, sirs. 

And many thanks also to "Murdock" (of "MurdocK's MauraderS" and "The Duchy of Mieczyslaw") who has so ably filled in for me as a temporary inhaber for the "Emperor vs Elector" group blog; and who has offered updates as to my condition while visiting me in hospital.

I am humbled, gentlemen . . . and most appreciative indeed.

-- Jeff

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jeff is Back Home --   

Well after my colon cancer surgery and 20 days in hospital I am finally once again home. 

I do wish to thank all of those who prayed, sent healing energy or just good wishes . . . all such are gratefully received.

I can now look forward to a period of slow recovery . . . I am very weak after this ordeal and sleep is never far off.  I have, by the way, lost over 50 lbs (23 Kg) since earlier this year . . . but I really do not recommend cancer as a diet plan.  Trust me on this.

Of course during the long hours of lying in a hospital bed, I did think a lot about what I want to do "toy soldier"-wise . . . but more of that later; I hear my bed calling me for more rest.

And, believe it or not, the simple act of eating is hard work.

-- Jeff