Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Disappointing Film

I finally got to watch "The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey" last night . . . and I was underwhelmed.

By the end of the film I knew something about only one of the Dwarves (Thorin Oakenshield).  Sure, the other Dwarves were introduced by name (often in groups) at the start . . . but after that I learned nothing about any of them.

So unlike the Fellowship of the Ring, by the end of the film most of this fellowship remain ciphers.  We only know Bilbo, Gandolph and Thorin.

I also found the constantly moving camera POV (point of view) to be very distracting.  And the "Chase/Battle/Action" scenes reminded me of those in "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" . . . which is not a good thing.

Now I did read "The Hobbit" . . . but that was close to fifty years ago so I don't recall much.  Maybe a re-read prior to seeing the film would have helped . . . but why should that be necessary?

It seems that "action" and "spectacle" are now supposed to take the place of "character" and "story" . . . which I find to be very sad.

I was so looking-forward to seeing this film; and, yes, I was entertained; but I came away feeling empty and unfulfilled. 

"The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Disappointment".

-- Jeff

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Some Old GNW Photos

While searching for something else I came across some old photos of a Great Northern War battle fought at Murdock's about six years ago.  Here are a couple:

Figures are 25mm Bloodaxe Miniatures, which are currently available from Historifigs.  However they are not yet posted on their website so you will have to contact Mike at Historifigs to request them. 

They are probably not mixable with other miniature lines because of the difference in sculpting styles . . . but they are super easy to paint and have a charm of their own.

-- Jeff

Saturday, March 23, 2013

ala "Much Ado About Nothing"

One of the things that most of you don't know about me is that I spent most of my adult life in the Theatre.  No, I'm not famous.  For the most part it has been "Community Theatre".

But I've done a lot of it.  I've been in over 230 productions . . . 43 of which have been Shakespearean productions.  One of his plays "Much Ado About Nothing" has a line in it that refers to my current situation.  Here it is (from memory so it might be a slight misquote):

"There was never yet philosopher that could endure the toothache patiently."

So here it is almost 7:00 in the morning and I've not had a jot of sleep thanks to a very nasty toothache.

. . . And I am not enduring it patiently . . . particularly since it is a weekend and I won't be able to see a dentist until next week.

So what am I doing for it?  Besides some (not particularly effective) pain-killers, I am rinsing with hot salt water, rinsing with hydrogen peroxide (followed by several water rinses once the foaming has stopped) and using a spray local anesthetic.

They all help; but the pain is still there . . . and I'm not even a philosopher.

-- Jeff

Monday, March 18, 2013

Alpian Wars reaching Critical Stages

My "solo" mini-campaign between 16th century Stagonia and Alpia is reaching a critical stage in the third battle.  Each side has won one and now Stagonia is trying to eject Alpia from its position on Rose Ridge.

They have 24 + 1d6 "decks" to do it as we use Clarence Harrison's "Victory Without Quarter" rules.  We currently have completed 17 "decks".  I say "we" because even though I'm playing it "solo", two fellow gamers are issuing orders for the two sides.

Here is the current situation:

If you were to advise either or both generals, what would you suggest they do?

-- Jeff

Monday, March 04, 2013

New Monitor & Slow Recovery

Well, I finally decided that my old 17" monitor just wasn't cutting it any more.  Either that or my eyes are getting worse.

Anyway I went to our local Staples and got a nice new 23" monitor . . . which is much much easier to read.

I am feeling better now that I'm no longer getting chemotherapy . . . but it will be a long slow process to regain my normal strength; after all, I was essentially an invalid for just over a year . . . and at my age (mid-sixties), I don't "bounce back" . . . at best I "ooze back".

However I have now started the third battle of the Alpian Wars mini-Campaign, the Battle at Rose Ridge

To see what's happened so far, please visit my "Alpian Wars" blog (clicky).

For those who haven't been following it, I'm "solo playing" a 16th century battle between two Imagi-Nations (Alpia and Stagonia) using Clarence Harrison's "Bictory Without Quarter" ECW rules.

I am being aided immensely by Ross Macfarlane and David Murdock, who are "generalling" the two armies.

-- Jeff