Thursday, November 29, 2007

Temporary Infantry in S-B Service --

I am continually amazed by how much of my time has been taken up by the act of moving into our new home . . . and, as a result, I've not been able to get my RSM figures painted.

So, what I've done is to take my Great Northern War figures and use those as temporary substitutes for my Saxe-Bearstein units. Here then are some photos of some of these "temporary units" . . . okay, some of the line infantry units.

I've had to combine numerous smaller units generally by repainting facing colors and sometimes leggings as well.

The first photo (note -- click on them to see a larger image) is of the troops I'm using for IR-2 von Becks.

The sharp-eyed amongst you might note that not all of the hat lace and pompoms are the same. That is because it was formed from two GNW Saxon units and correcting this would have been too fiddly.

Next we have a stand-in for IR-3 von Grolsch. If you note the red, green and white flag, it is quite similar to IR-8 von Urquell (aside from a different shade of green and yellow-gold instead of von Grolsch's white.

It is with the third photo, that of the substitute for IR-6 von Coors that we begin to really see the GNW flavor of these BLOODAXE MINIATURES (a supplier that I believe is no longer in business).

Note the hats. These were originally designed as Polish infantry (or as an alternate Russian figure). I've combined a number of them to create some more stand-ins.

I must say, however, that I miss the tricornes.

Photo four shows similar figures standing in for IR-5 von Schlitz.

Their violet facing color is quite striking on the tabletop.

All of the previously mentioned units are regular "line infantry". The final photo is of something different.

I use a semi-diamond pattern when I base irregular troops. And these fellows are standing-in for IR-10, my Kokanee Grenzers.

The actual figures were taken from a number of Russian units (and, again, are BLOODAXE figures).

If you look closely, you can see the "diamond pattern" of basing. This looks particular good when they are on the tabletop as, under my rules, each stand rolls for its own movement.

This results in a very irregular mob look to them.

These aren't the RSMs I'll eventually paint, but they will serve in the interim.

-- Jeff

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Battle of Ubergang --

Well we opened my new game room last night with the Battle of Ubergang between Pete's Duchy of the North's forces and those of Murdock's secondary imagi-Nation of Burtzenia.

This battle was based directly on one of Grant's "Table Top Teasers" . . . specifically #3 -- "The Advance Guard Action."

As with all "Wars of Arcadian Glory" games using my "Tricorne Wars" rules, commanders and units were randomly selected. As usual, this resulted in a mix of morale grades and command personalities.

Both sides then diced to see what "showed up" to the battle . . . and Murdock got the worst of this. Only two of his four elite squadrons of Dragoons showed up . . . a loss that hardly compared with the three companies of raw skirmishers that Pete lost.

Both players surprised me a bit with their deployments after they marched on . . . but that's hardly surprising . . . they had different plans than I would have made.

The first photo (top of page) shows the start of their continuing struggle for the road into town.

The second photo shows things a turn or two later from behind the town looking toward the bridge in the distance.

If you look closely, you will note some Burtzenia infantry and a gun peeling off to take and hold the bridge in the distance . . . as some Norden cavalry comes out of the town to counter Murdock's heavy horse.

The third photo shows things a few minutes later . . . and, if you are wondering why the infantry is there, there is a story behind that.

Pete's C-in-C was Maj. Gen. Olle Fastovik . . . who is noted as a very "careful" personality. The infantry was under Brig. Sir Elof Amundsen Krook, well known for his aggressiveness on the battlefield.

Under my "Tricorne Wars" rules, when a "Careful" commander issues an order, commanders under him "add one" to their die rolls for interpretation.

Well, to make a long story short, Krook re-interpreted his Advance orders into an all-out Assault! (Later in the game, when he received new Advance orders, he again interpreted them upwards to Attack orders . . . well we can hardly fault his aggressiveness, now can we?)

The final photo is well into the game (which lasted 20 turns in about 6 hours of play) shows many of the dead bodies that indicate the heavy fighting that took place before the competitors settled for a draw.

It was a good battle and the rules seemed to flow pretty well. I noted a few points that I might decide to tweak, but all-in-all I was pleased . . . and my game room has been initiated.

-- Jeff

PS, Murdock has more pictures on his blog . . . as well as his "take" on the battle.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Battle of Ubergang About to Start

Well Murdock is on his way and Pete will be here as soon as he finishes work . . . so the game should start about 11 pm tonight (we all have tomorrow off but Murdock needs to be home for stuff) . . . thus we play tonight.

Well they do. I watch and see how my "Tricorne Wars" work with this scenario. They don't know it, but they will be playing "Table Top Teaser #3".

Actually, Murdock just arrived.

At left you see a picture of the key portion of the table.

-- Jeff

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Another HOTT Battle Fought --

Well Brant and his brother Blair came over to play some "Hordes of the Things" in my new game room.

Brant had played that one game last week and Blair was an absolute newbie . . . so I gave him the choice of armies between my "red orcs" and "green orcs".

He chose the greenskins while Brant fielded the red orcs. I also made Brant the defender (since he had a game under his belt.

The fight was a good one, see-sawing back and forth. The photo to the left was rather early in the game. The scrum in the middle eventually ended up with eight stands involved in the one combat. Eventually this match-up was won by Blair, but Brant came back to win the game 13 to 11.

I suspect that they will get some forces together and play more games in the future. Meanwhile the first 18th century battle in my game room will take place next Monday night. Murdock's Burtzenia troops will face those of Pete's Duchy of the North in the Battle of Ubergang.

-- Jeff

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Breaking-in My Game Room --

Okay, I guess that technically I broke it in the other night when I showed Brant how to play "Hordes of the Things". We played a learning game with his "Green Orks" eventually falling to my "Red Orks". He really liked HOTT and he wants me to teach his brother Blair the game this Monday.

But, you know, I don't really think of that as "breaking-in" my Game Room. It wasn't Eighteenth Century. So the "real first game" will be the Battle of Ubergang currently scheduled for Monday night the 26th of this month.

Ubergang will be between Pete's Duchy of the North and Murdock's Hertzogh of Burtzenia. I don't want to say too much about what I have planned. For now they will know what troops they have to start with (and what they may possibly have as reinforcements) so that they can bring the right figures . . . but the rest will hopefully be a bit of a surprise.

-- Jeff

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Units at Tippelbruder --

As loyal readers know, the Principality of Saxe-Bearstein (my imagi-Nation) has dispatched some forces to aid in the defense of the Town of Tippelbruder.

The town of Tippelbruder is the home of that wonderful tailor, David Linienblatt, who creates those wonderful uniform templates which are so much in use by many imagi-Nations.

The vile Stagonian king, Koenig Maurice, has for some petty reason decided to burn down the town. We are among a number of imagi-Nations to send aid.

In additon to Brigadier Ernst von Bruin and some artillery, we have sent some grenadiers and two full battalions of line infantry, regiments von Lowenbrau and von Urquell.

Regiment von Lowenbrau's facing color is a light blue; while that of Regiment von Urquell is green. Both, of course, wear the red coats of Saxe-Bearstein.

Furthermore, as can be noted from their flags, both battalions have brass buttons on their coats and yellow hat tape on their proud tricorne headgear.

In addition to these two battalions, the grenadier companies of von Carling (black facing color) and von Coors (light yellow facing color) have been dispatched as well.

Both of these companies, as well as the grenadier companies of von Lowenbrau and von Urquell have been combined into a "converged" grenadier battalion.

As is typical in the period, such a converged unit (not being permanent) does not have its own Colours. So, in this instance, they will fight under the national Saxe-Bearstein banner of the red bear.

-- Jeff

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Some RSM "Other Horse" --

(note: click on photos for larger images)

Here are photos of some of my RSM95 "other horse". Pictured in all three photos are a Hussar (from the Prussian list); and a Dragoon (either Austrian or Prussian -- I'm not sure which).

The Hussar is holding his sabre; but the Dragoon comes open-handed. As with the heavier cavalry, the Dragoon pack comes with a variety of weapons -- carbines, pistols and swords.

If you want a particular mix of weapons, specify it in your order. The people at DPC (who sell RSM) seem to be very helpful. (note -- I have no connection with them other than as a customer).

Riders and Horses are cast separately. The Hussar in on a "Galloping Stretched Out" horse pose (there is also one with legs bunched).

The Dragoon is on one of the Trotting Horse poses. There are some other poses as well. Be sure to specify what pose you want your troops to have.

Incidentally, they also have a Hussar with Busby (on the Austrian list).

Unit bags usually come with an officer figure . . . but I don't believe that there is one for the hussars. Contact the people at DPC to make sure.

-- Jeff
RSM Heavy Horse --

(note: click on photos for larger versions)

These are photos of some of my RSM95 Hanoverian "heavy" mounted troops. The figures are right out of the packaging -- just bare lead, with no special treatments of any sort.

There are three views of the same figures. On the left is the Hanoverian Horse Grenadier; on the right is their Hanoverian Heavy Cavalry.

Both are cast with open hands and come with a mix of carbines, pistols and swords. If you have a preferred mix, I suggest that you specify it in your order.

The riders and horses are cast separately and there are a variety of different horse poses. I've put the Grenadier on a standing horse and the Heavy Cavalryman on one of their trotting poses.

They have two "galloping" poses -- one with legs bunched and one with legs stretched out. And they have a "rearing" horse pose as well.

Be sure to let them know what horse pose you want.

-- Jeff