Monday, September 14, 2009

My Ancient and Medieval Rules --

Peter of The Nyudrev Chronicles posted a list of his wargame rules. I thought that this might be a good idea for me too . . . but I own so many that I've decided to limit this first part of my list to my Ancient and Medieval rule sets only . . . and only to ones that I have published copies of (and not those that I've downloaded from the Net).

My very first wargames were with WRG 7th Edition "Ancients". Indeed, this was all that I played for a number of years (since that was all that my opponents played). I got pretty good with these rules . . . but I never really liked them. To me they were too much of a "thinking" set.

I ended up playing a few other rule sets (but not nearly as many as I own . . . not even close). And I still own a lot of full Ancients armies (big ones, not just DBA size) . . . somewhere north of twenty I fear.

And why do I "fear" it? Because I haven't played any Ancients in years . . . except for the DBA tourney that Murdock hosted a while back . . . and really only then in order to provide an even number of players.

Format of the following list will be Title, (Author), Date . . . and I will try to put them more-or-less in order of publication date. Note also that I will use "shortened" titles for some of the better-known sets (e.g., "WRG" in place of their much longer titles)
  • WRG 5th Edition (Phil Barker ?), 1976
  • God's Acre (Dave Milwood), 1976
  • Condottieri (Dave Milwood), 1976
  • Broadsword (George H. Schneider), 1977
  • En Garde! (Darryl Hany & Frank Chadwick)., 1977
  • Bireme & Galley (Jan Vrapcenak, Edward E. Simbalist & Terry Cheeseman), 1978
  • WRG 1430-1700 2nd Ed. (George Gush), 1979
  • Fire, Hack & Run (Mike Gilbert), 1979
  • The Shock of Impact (Ian S. Beck & Michael Bussey), 1981
  • Newbury Fast Play (T. J. Hutsall), 1985
  • A to Z Rules for Ancient Warfare (Andrew Zartolass, Jr.), 1985
  • WRG 7th Ed. (Phil Barker), 1987 & 1992 printings
  • Ancient Naval Wargame Rules 500 BC to AD 500 (Martin A. Johncock), 1988
  • Tactica (Arty Conliffe), 1989
  • Romans, Goths & Huns (Simon MacDowell), 1990
  • DBA and DBA 2.0 (Phil Barker & Richard Bodley Scott), 1990 and 2001
  • Shieldbearer (Michael J. Young), 1991
  • Knight Hack (The Jogglers), 1991
  • Classical Hack I (The Jogglers), 1992
  • Blood Axe Ancients (Lance Runolfsson * David Kaser), 1992
  • Legio (Simon MacDowell), 1992
  • Tactica Medieval Rulebook (Arty Conliffe & Ed Regendahl), 1992
  • Flower of Chivalry (Bruce McFarlane), 1993
  • Armati (Arty Conliffe), 1994
  • DBR (Phil Barker & Richard Bodley Scott),1995
  • Warhammer Ancient Battles (Jervis Johnson, Rick Priestley, Alan Perry & Michael Perry), 1998
  • DBM 3.0 (Phil Barker & Richard Bodley Scott), 2000 plus earlier editions
  • Warrior (Four Horsemen Enterprises), 2001
  • Battlestandard Ancient Rules (Jeff Stuckey), 2004
  • Warmaster Ancients (Rick Priestley), 2005
  • Impetvs (Lorenzo Sartori), 2008
Now besides all of the above rules, I have lots of army lists, battle books and army background books . . . and almost certainly more rules that haven't been unpacked yet.

And I really haven't played Ancients in years . . . because other periods have claimed my interest since.

-- Jeff