Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Grand Plan for "Stagonian Wars"

While I have some "health issues" and still have quite a bit of painting to do before I will be ready to start, I have some thoughts on my upcoming "Stagonian Wars" mini-Campaign between our Principality of Saxe-Bearstein and the vile Kingdom of Stagonia.

Each of our Imagi-Nations will start the campaign with the same resources:

  • 8 regular infantry battalions -- each of six 4-figure companies
  • 2 irregular infantry battalions -- each of six 4-figure companies
  • 3 skirmishing foot units -- each of 12 individual figures
  • 4 heavy horse regiments  -- each of six 2-horse companies
  • 4 dragoon regiments -- each of six 2-horse companies
  • 2 "hussar" regiments -- each of six 2-horse companies
 Note that each of the "regular infantry battalions will include one company of grenadiers . . . and all of the grenadiers within a brigade may (but do not have to) be separated into a separate "combined grenadier" battalion.

There will be three "morale grades" (Superior, Veteran and Poor) . . . and they shall be distributed as follows:
  •  10 Infantry Battalions * -- 3 Superior, 4 Veteran, 3 Poor
  • 3 Skirmishing Foot -- 1 Superior, 1 Veteran, 1 Poor
  • 10 Mounted Regiments * -- 3 Superior, 4 Veteran, 3 Poor
 * Note that the two "Irregular Infantry" Battalions need to be of different morale grades . . . as do the two "Hussar" Regiments.  Furthermore, both the Heavy Horse and Dragoons must each have at least one of each of the three morale grades amongst them.

All units will be randomly selected before each battle . . . so the Generals will have to decide just how to use them.

In addition, each army will have some artillery (depending upon the scenario) and a list of Generals and Brigadiers.  All Officers (like the units) will be randomly diced for before each battle . . . so the C-in-C of each side will have to decide how to best use them . . . because, of course, each one has a "Personality" and various strengths and weaknesses.

Right now I am thinking about having "Guest Generals" in the same way in which "The Alpian Wars" have enjoyed them . . . so that I won't know just how each C-in-C will configure his Officers and Troops, nor his Battle Plan ahead of time.

Unlike the "Victory Without Quarter" rules used for "The Alpian Wars", the Action Deck will not include individual units, but only cards for the various Officers (Brigadiers and Generals) . . . with those will higher "Initiatives" having more cards in the Deck.

As for casualties.  Any "company" that only has partial casualties will automatically be available for the next battle.  Companies (or individuals for Skirmishing Foot) that have been "lost" will have a 50% chance of returning in time for the next battle.  Companies that have not been recovered will have a 50% chance of "returning" each battle that they "sit out" . . . so it behooves the C-in-Cs to pay attention to their casualties.

Currently I am considering which of the "Mini-Campaigns" (see link at top of side bar) I will try first.

-- Jeff

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Amazing Birthday Present

Today is my 65th birthday and I've received an AMAZING "birthday present".

Yesterday I had cataract surgery on my left eye (which has always been my weaker eye) . . . today it is my "dominant eye".  Suddenly the world is much brighter with a much much wider range of colors as well as a lot more detail.

While I had realized that my overall vision had deteriorated, I hadn't realized how far it had progressed.  The difference is incredible.  Now I am really looking forward to my right eye being done (probably in about a month, depending upon the hospital's operating room availability).

To all who have been told that they need cataract surgery, I would like to say that for me at least it has made a world of difference already.

A most wonderful birthday present indeed.

My only real issue is that I'm now rather worried about going downstairs and looking at the figures I've painted over the past few years.  I don't know (given my poor eyesight at that time) if I will like what I see or not.

-- Jeff

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cataract Surgery Scheduled

Well I just heard from the local hospital and the first of my two upcoming eye surgeries is scheduled for next Tuesday (June 18), the day before my 65th birthday . . . so hopefully I'll have improved vision for my birthday.

Typically the second eye will likely have its cataract surgery within a month of the first one.  And I must say that I am really looking forward to being able to see better . . . my eyesight has really deteriorated lately . . . so these upcoming surgeries are welcome.

-- Jeff

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Writing Rules

I am in the process of re-working my "Tricorne Wars" rules for my envisioned "Stagonian Wars" mini-campaigns between my two 18th century Imagi-Nations, Saxe-Bearstein and the always vile Stagonia.

And I'm trying a different approach.  In the past I've tried to write them for an "audience" of people I've never met . . . which means explaining everything (and why I've done it that way) as if the reader knew nothing about the period.

All well and good . . . but I would get exceedingly long-winded.

Really, all I need in order to game them for myself and people I'm gaming with is a few charts and a few odds and ends.  I really don't need all of the explanatory "extras". . . especially since I'll either be playing solo or be there to explain anything that needs explaining.

One significant change I'm making has been influenced by my recent solo games of "Victory Without Quarter".  Not knowing what unit was "next up" provided interesting tension in solo play.

But VWQ was designed for smaller forces than I plan to play with.  So, rather than having cards for individual units, I will only have "activation cards" for the C-in-C and Brigadiers.

This move to an "activation deck" has necessitated a few changes to Generals and Brigadiers.  Their "Personality" ratings (i.e., "Aggressive", "Steady", "Careful" and "Political") remain the same. 

However their "Initiative" rating has been changed (they are now usually 2 or 3).  It indicates how many cards that officer will have in the deck.  This does NOT guarantee that a high initiative officer will have his card turned more often since "Turn Over" cards might well stymie this . . . but it should affect what task the C-in-C assigns them.

Also, their "Inertia" ratings will now be generated randomly instead of being tied to their Personalities.  "Command Radii" will also be random (although a bit different than before).

Finally I was able to do some actual figure painting earlier today.  Until now I'll only been priming figures . . . but today I painted the flesh on 110 18th century figures.  Not a huge step, I grant you; but a definite start.

-- Jeff