Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Starting My Colonial Campaign --

Well I've just started my Afristan Campaign over on my Colonel Hud's Colonial Blog. It is designed for myself and three other local gamers.

Afristan is a fictional large island in the Indian Ocean. It is ruled by a much-hated Sultan who has asked for British help to keep the lid on.

Interestingly enough various areas of Afristan have been settled by tribes and clans that echo the various natives that Britain faced in Africa and the Northwest frontier of India.

Anyone who wishes to copy this campaign for their own use is certainly welcome to do so. I should note that while I've modified the system found in Stephen Luscombe's Jarania for my own circumstances, that work inspired my own.

Finally I began painting my first couple of units of Zulus this past evening, since I do not yet have any painted.

Note -- I have now posted the January, 1876 Results on my Colonial Blog.

I have also posted the February 1, 1876 map, which you can see at left. (Click for larger view; click again for an even larger image.)

-- Jeff