Friday, September 23, 2011

(OT) A Poem of Mine --

The following is a poem I wrote . . . and read to my dear sweet wife on our first night together.


- - copyright 1995, as an unpublished work, by Jeff Hudelson

Come walk the sky with me, My Sweet,
Let's see what wonders we shall meet
As we set forth at setting sun
And journey through 'til night is done.

We'll leave our clumsy bodies here
And dance tonight by yonder sphere.
Oh, yes, of course, I mean the moon,
That giant pearl that's rising soon.

So close your eyes and breathe out deep;
Let your skin feel Wind's mighty sweep.
Now just let go -- and drift aloft --
Carried up by moonlight soft.

You need not fear the ground below
When souls do walk the ether flow.
So open now your spirit's eyes;
And see the sights full of surprise.

See there that beauteous rosy glow?
It's where the sun just set, you know;
And still the clouds are glowing bright
With yon Apollo's fading light.

On other hand, where moon doth gleam,
We shall set forth 'long heaven's stream.
And sail into the starry dark --
Until we hear the song of lark.

For lark doth warn of rising sun;
And by dawn's light we must be done.
For Faerieland of glitt'ring sky
Begins to fade when sun is nigh.

But still there's time for us to dance,
Come, Sweet, we must not lose this chance --
Throw fear and caution far away,
Tonight it's time for us to play!

Below you, see the lights come on,
Houses lit with electric dawn.
They are but pale reflections, Love,
Of all the stars now bright above.

So let your slender spirit soar
And drink in the wonder evermore,
For all these stars are yours to keep
Within your heart when sound you sleep.

It is my joy to share with you
The sights that only gods can view.
Your hand in mine, we'll journey far,
Even unto the farthest star.

With wonder for our spirits' fuel,
We'll journey out where comets duel.
And talk to constellations bright
As, Dear, I give you all this night.

Ram, Bull and Twins, plus many more
Are here to share with you their lore.
Behold them there, before our eyes,
They've seen so much they must be wise.

They know of ancient mysteries:
They've seen the sights on heaven's seas:
They've watched as Civilizations fall;
And heard nine billion babies squall.

But all their wisdom is but lies
When measured 'gainst your smiling eyes.
Drink moonlight with me, Gentle Heart,
and we shall give cold stars a start.

For fires within me strongly burn
To dance with you in swirling turn.
To sing your beauty to the sky;
And share the bed wherein you lie.

Where better than where stars are dust,
Should ever we find to share our lust --
Our lust of life, of music, joy,
And what are we, but girl and boy?

I give to you, My Gentle Sweet,
All the wonders we've yet to meet.
And ask so little in return,
Please share the heart for which I yearn.

Our spirits journey side by side
As we do take this nighttime ride;
So let our souls give joyous birth
Unto our bodies back on Earth.

There let us join both hand and heart
And Life Together let us start.
Then let us sing out to the sky
Just like the sound that's pealing by.

What sound is that, in heaven's sphere?
Please let it not be what I fear.
Our lives are short, as is this night,
And that sound gives me such a fright.

It is, alas, I know, the lark,
That calls us back from heaven's spark
Unto our bodies far below.
Yet of this journey we shall know.

For this night's dance is ours to keep,
Until we're call'd to Eternal sleep.
So, Dear, I give to you this song,
To keep this night forever long.

I love you deep and long and true --
Body and Soul -- I truly do.
So let me give to you, My Love,
Heaven and all the stars above.

Friday, September 09, 2011


So there I was, sitting at my computer when all of a sudden my head felt funny. My balance was off. I felt wobbly . . . like my inner ear wasn't working. This went on for a good 30 seconds or more.

Well it wasn't me. We had a 6.4 earthquake about 85 miles due west of us (and about 14.3 miles deep). But unlike some of our fellow wargamers in New Zealand, neither myself, my house nor my "toys" suffered any damage.

Earthquakes are funny things in that it really depends upon underlying terrain as to how much or how little one feels. Apparently some folks a hundred miles farther east felt it more strongly than we did.

I am in Courtenay, BC, Canada . . . on the east side of Vancouver Island (which is different from Vancouver -- which is on the mainland, not on the island). Click on the above image for a slightly better view.

Again, there is no damage to my toy soldiers.

-- Jeff