Sunday, May 31, 2009

Not Much New --

Well this has been a pretty barren month gaming-wise. My principal opponent has been busy with "real life" issues as he tries to get his business going in these economically uncertain times.

Also Stokes has had various "real life" issues interfere with our "Charge!" play-by-email game . . . but hopefully that will soon be resumed.

My primary gaming activity of late has been to order a few things for my upcoming birthday (June 19). I've ordered several books from On Military Matters including an extension of my BATTLEGAMES Magazine subscription. I've also ordered some figures.

I've ordered some RSM figures from the Dayton Painting Service; and some Ral Partha Colonials from Great Endeavors.

So now all I have to do is to hope that they get here in time for my birthday.

-- Jeff

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Thoughts on My Game Table --

Right now I have a 5' x 10 1/2' game table. It is composed of "banquet tables" (such as those pictured to the left) . . . two 8' long (side by side) and one 5' long on the end (perpendicular to the others).

Generally I have been covering it with a green cloth, using styrofoam hills underneath to provide elevation changes . . . as you can see in the second photo (below).

But lately I've been having some "second thoughts" about this arrangement.


Because I really like the "Old School" look that Stokes has for his "Charge!" games on his Grand Duchy of Stollen blog, I'm thinking of a very easy option using what I already have.

If I were to get some thin 4'x8' sheets of MDF (medium density fiberboard) and have two cut down to 4'x5' and the third cut to 3'x5' (a total of four cuts), I could then paint them my figure-basing color on one side . . . and paint the other side a desert color for my Colonial gaming.

Then, by placing the 5' long banquet table six inches from the others . . . and putting the 3' wide section in the middle (so that a 4' section could span the gap and still have good support on the other end . . . I'd have a nice 5' x 11' gaming surface.

I could get a second set of MDF boards and paint them blue on one side, black on the other, and have tables for Naval and Space gaming too.

Which gets me to thinking.

If I got a 6' long banquet table, I could do the same sort of thing, only with 6' long sheets of MDF. Then, I could split the two 8' tables a foot apart and have a 6'x11' table . . . and if I added another 6' banquet table off of the far end, I could add one more 3'x6' MDF sheet and have a 6' x 14' table!

And, given the size of my game room, I don't think I'd want to go any bigger than that.

But while MDF is inexpensive, the banquet tables aren't cheap . . . so I'll probably start with the 5' x 11' option and see how it works out.

-- Jeff