Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Sincere Thanks to Murdock

Murdock and his lovely bride visited us for a few hours today . . . and while our wives visited upstairs we descended into my War Room and worked on my ECW Cavalry.

David helped me greatly by doing a lot of the tedious prep-work on many horses as well as some detail painting on several dozen riders.  While nothing is that close to getting on the table yet, they are a heck of a lot closer now than they were this morning.

So a great big "THANK YOU" to my gaming buddy for his wonderful assistance today (as always) . . . and a heartfelt wish for him (and the rest of you) for a wonderful and game-filled New Year!

-- Jeff

Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas, etc.

Well I just realized that I had yet to post my annual photo of our "trees".  Alas we are now limited to using artificial trees since I have not regained my strength since my illness and cannot deal with the real ones.  So here I am with our "porch tree":

And here is what the porch tree (and lights) looks like at dusk:

Meanwhile, inside the house, we have our Yule Tree:

And finally, in order to get some sort of "Christmas Tree Scent" in the house we have a bunch of fir boughs in a vase with decorations in our great room:

And so we will wrap up the year as we wish you and yours a most wonderful holiday and a fabulous new year.

-- Jeff