Saturday, September 29, 2012

Changing Plans --   

I'm now on my third session of chemotherapy and am wiped out but otherwise doing okay . . . at least I think so.

However I am changing my plans as to what I'll try playing solo (in lots of little chunks).  I was going to game "The Stagonian Wars" set about 1725 or so . . . but since I can now get the Battleaxe figures I need from Historifigs, I think that I will have to put that project on hold for the nonce.  The figures won't be immediately available since some new molds have to be made . . . and it will take a lot of time in my current condition to get them painted.

So, what to do?

I took a look in my figure cabinet and realized that I have two balanced late Renaissance armies all ready to go.  They are based for Clarence Harrison's "Victory Without Quarter" ECW rules.  Now I like these rules, but my usual opponent Murcock of MurdocK's MauraderS and The Duchy of Mieczyslaw fame, does not care for them . . . and I don't want to inflict them on him when there are other periods and rules that we both like.

But for solo gaming, I think that they will work splendidly.  The two armies are currently flaged with Stagonian and GNW-era Swedish flags.  I can't use the latter for Saxe-Bearstein because (by my background) it didn't come into existence until the Thirty Years War . . . and, of course, the Swedish flags are wrong too . . . but they look good.

But Sweden is a long way from Stagonia (roughly Bavaria) . . . so I need to create a new Imagi-Nation to the north of Stagonia (Saxe-Bearstein is to the east, basically Bohemia).  But except for basing about six more units (all figures except for three already painted), I have little more to do . . . so instead of "The Stagonian Wars" I was planning on, I will now be attempting "The Early Stagonian Wars" using the same mini-campaign I previously planned for the later period.

At least that is the plan as of now.

-- Jeff

Friday, September 07, 2012

Best Laid Plans, *sigh* --  

Well I started my second round of chemotherapy on Wednesday . . . and am once again in extreme fatigue mode.

I did not manage to even flock any of the 72 cavalry bases waiting for their grass . . . and I didn't get anything painted either.  Hopefully I will manage to get into some sort of routine over the next few months and eventually get the mini-campaign I'm hoping to do done.

There was some good news today, however.  Mike Tabor of Historifigs has located two of the GNW/WSS Bloodaxe molds that I want figures from.  The one that I need most is in good shape; but the other is not.  Anyway it does look like I will be able to add the units I need for Stagonia.

That is, of course, if I can manage to shake off this malaise that the chemo has me in.  So while I still hope to manage the mini-campaign, I am less optimistic than I was earlier.

-- Jeff