Sunday, May 11, 2014

A look at the Regulars

It has been a while since I've posted.  This is due to a number of health problems that my wife has been going through.  They have been eating up a lot of our time but they seem to be steadying off a bit.

Saxe-Bearstein Foot, Horse & Dragoons
To the left you can see some of the "good guys".

The eight regular infantry regiments (there are also two irregular regiments) are shown above.

By the way, the unit in yellow coats are the von Pilsen Pioneers.  These veterans are not only a solid combat unit but are available for engineering duties when required.

Below them are four units of Horse (in darkened cuirass) and four units of Dragoons (in red coats).

Regular Stagonian Infantry, Horse & Dragoons
And to the left you can now see the regular line troops of the "bad guys" . . . yes they are those much despised vile Stagonians in another combined photo.

The regiment with light grey caps are the "St. Cyr Sappers" (similar to the von Pilsen Pioneers in that they are also an engineering unit).

Beneath them are the four Horse (blue coats on the left) and Dragoon regiments (on the right in variously colored coats) of Stagonia.

Not shown are the jagers of both armies.  Each has four units of 12 figures each (all individually based on pennies).  The irregular foot (two 24-man units each) and light horse (two 12-horse units each).

Also not shown are the Generals, Brigadiers, Aides de Camp and Artillery . . . but they are all painted and ready as well.

-- Jeff