Sunday, July 06, 2008

A Simple Campaign Format --

(This is a re-post of my October 26, 2006 post. I have re-posted unchanged it as part of the discussion begun on Stokes' Grand Duchy of Stollen blog about campaigns.)

-- Jeff

Here is a simple format for a two-person campaign that requires little bookkeeping. It is particularly designed to encourage the building of new units.

Featured above is the "campaign map". The two armies (blue and red here) first meet in the white circular area.

This should be an even battle with similar forces . . . for the 18th century, this might be something like four battalions of Infantry, one regiment of Cuirassiers, one regiment of Dragoons and one Medium Artillery Piece each, with comparable (mainly mid-range) morale.

All troops "lost" in each battle are diced for at battle's end. Dice by "stands" (or even individual figures, if that's how they're based) rather than by whole units.

The winner has a 2/3rds chance of recovering each lost stand (anything but a 1 or 2 on each d6); while the loser of the battle only has a 50% chance of recovering each lost stand (he needs a 4, 5 or 6 on each d6). These losses need to be retained for the next battle.

Note that, even if a unit is completely destoryed, it still gets to dice for each stand to recover. If such a unit fails ALL of its rolls and is completely "wiped out", it is considered to be lost for the remainder of this campaign.

In addition, each winner of any battle selects one unit to improve a morale grade and the loser selects one unit to drop a morale grade. This allows you to "reward" good units and "punish" those that disappointed.

For subsequent battles, the loser will get reinforced by one new unit (although losses will remain from previous battle or battles). The exception to this is if you are forced back to your own "Area B", where you have your choice of either a new unit OR bringing all of your current units up to full strength instead.

Any winner of two consecutive battles may also be re-inforced with a new unit OR may choose instead to bring his current units up to full strength.

If you are pushed back to your "Area C", you get to both get a new unit AND to bring your current surviving units up to full strength.

If pushed back to your Capitol, you get to add one guard-class unit and a heavy gun -- however, you've exhausted your reserves so you don't get to bring any "wounded units" back to full strength.

So, there you have it . . . a simple campaign format that encourages unit building. (By the way, there should be a prior agreement as to the morale grade of new units -- I would suggest either veterans or green units depending upon your preferences).

-- Jeff (as posted on 26 October, 2006)


MurdocK said...

sounds as good now as it did back then Jeff...

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Hi Jeff,

Yes! I remember this now. I will try your campaign rules in the next couple of months or so when things get going on the gaming and table front here in Stollen Central. Thanks for refreshing my memory.

Enjoy the day,


Frankfurter said...

An interesting set up for a simple match style campaign.
I'd suggest that when one "raises new troops" ... that these can be "lost figures" restored to the existing units --- as long as at least 2/3 of the old figures were recovered after the last battle, the unit sustains its quality.
Also, we had liked to permit bringing in fresh "non-green" units as much more expensive "mercenaries" (whose reliability was unknown until they actually engaged the enemy ... leading to some hilarious moments!)

Capt Bill said...

I like it! Simple is best, we'll give it. Thanks...Bill

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

I like that - very simple and quite cunning... need to try it soonest!

Donogh said...

Looks nice. I especially like the "bungee effect" modelling supply/replacements close to base of operations (e.g. Rommel vs. Monty in North Africa)
Have you tried looking at Piquet's Theatre of War? Piquet's not everyone's cup of tea, but the designer notes are an interesting read regardeless (I am a fan)

Donogh said...
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Capt Bill said...

I passed your campaign system to our group. Everyone thought it was worth a try, so we will. I'll let you know how it progresses on the Beerstein page. Thanks...Bill