Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Nice Buy --     

All the buzz about the new "Black Powder" rules made me mildly interested in picking up a copy . . . that is until I learned that it retailed for around $50 US plus shipping!

I'm not THAT curious.

But then I happened to check (the Canadian version of . . . where it is selling for $20.07 CAD . . . that is equal to about $18.90 USD, 12.12 British Pounds, or 13.76 Euros . . . so I ordered one (along with some other stuff that I wanted in order to get free shipping).  Anyway, today I got an email notice that it has shipped.

I don't think that anyone outside of Canada can take advantage of this price, but for us it is great!

I'll let you know if it was worth it after the rules arrive (in a week to ten days or so).

-- Jeff


MiniWargamer said...


I have played Black Powder a couple of times now. (I pre-ordered the rules before XMas from Amazon when they had their pricing error.) They are different enough that you have to give the rules a couple of good reads because a lot of the conventions are different from traditional rules. I intend on playing them many times as there are a number of people in the area that have 28mm nappie collections already painted and ready to drop for a game.) Not OS, but definitely focused on the "battle is a fun game, not a good simulation" model.

CWT said...

Hi Jeff,

I am very keen on the rules, and they may become my default set from now on. Glad to hear you've been able to pick up a set - and with such a good price! I hope you enjoy.

Conrad Kinch said...

I was not disappointed and even if you never play the rule set, you've still bought a good read.