Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2 New Table Top Teaser Mini-Campaign --

Not everyone has access to Charles S. Grant's wonderful "Scenario" books . . . so Conrad Kinch (Joy and Forgetfulness) has crated a "Table Top Teaser" mini-campaign using Charles S. Grant's original "teasers" as published in magazines back in the late 1970's.

Fortunately Steve-the-Wargamer has (with permission) posted these online so that anyone can use them without needing Grant's later Scenario books.
  • initial scenario -- (TTT) #3 The Advance Guard Action
  • second scenario -- (TTT) #5 The Dawn Attack
  • third scenario -- (TTT) #10 Rear Guard
  • possible scenario -- (TTT) #4 Hold Up in the Badlands
  • possible scenario -- (TTT) #8 The Hasty Defense and Relief of a Town

This Mini-Campaign has also been added to my post of the earlier ones (using Grant's books) so that all of the "Mini-Campaigns" are in one place.

Additionally Cesar Alfredo Paz has created another "Mini-Campaign" using "Table Top Teasers" which is available here.

-- Jeff

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