Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Another Country Discovered --

Well, not really . . . but I got to thinking. My Saxe-Bearstein forces are based on those of Hanover. Their major adversary during the mid-18th century was France.

No one in our group is currently thinking of France . . . but I'd like to have a French-type force available. The solution, of course, is to build it myself after I've got my Saxe-Bearstein troops painted.

Okay, so what shall I call this new nation? Currently I'm thinking of Stagonia. I know, it doesn't sound French . . . but I've got a nice leaping stag graphic that will fit well with the flags I've been designing.

One of the advantages of modeling an imaginary country after France is that (with all of their allies) there is a tremendous variety of uniforms in the French army.

For the basic infantry pattern, I intend to use the French "quartering" system . . . sort of. The quarters will be in the "facing color" while the cross will be in the coat color . . . and the central device will be the "white deer" on gold.

As an example, the two infantry flags I've posted would be for a white uniform with purple facings and a red uniform with black facings.

For the cavalry flags, I will use the "white deer" on a field of the "facing color", with a fringe in the button color.

The examples would be one with a blue facing and one with a yellow facing. Both are shown here with gold fringes; but it would be easy enough to change them to silver -- thus doubling the number of cavalry units.

Finally, I've redesigned the dragoon flag to be more in the shape of the French Dragoon flags. I'll have the coat color on the lower half and the facing color above, with a fringe in the button color.

Sure, I know that I'll probably change some (or perhaps all) of this before I actually get around to it -- but what fun it is to plan it (even if I never do get to it).

-- Jeff


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Good Morning Jeff,

Good to hear from you. Thank you for your encouraging words. I hope the painting on all 65+ Rsm's goes quickly. They will be my showpiece unit. And your new French-inspired standard and guidon designs look great! I've just checked my big Harper Collins English-French/French-English dictionary on possible equivalents for "stag". "Cerf" is the direct equivalent for a stag, so perhaps you could call this new country something based on this. Cerfonia perhaps? "Biche" is, apparently, the female deer, but perhaps it's better to stay away from that one! Anyway, I'll be very interested to see how your thoughts and ideas take shape.

Enjoy the day,


Snickering Corpses said...

According to the Google translator, 'Cerf' is French for dear, while it believes 'mâle' to be stag. mâle sautant is "stag leaping" while 'saut du mâle' appears to be "leaping stag." Whether this is accurate or useful...I could find out. My best friend is French, so I can ask her. :> If you've got any specific queries, Jeff, you've got my email.

marinergrim said...

Good luck with that Jeff. I know just how it feels to want to do more (and more and more and more.....).

Bluebear Jeff said...


I thank you all for your comments. As to the name, that will bear some thought over some time. This is a fun diversion, but we first have to find a new home (our condo finally sold so now we can buy something) and then to get to work on my Saxe-Bearstein troops.

But, later, when that has been done, this project calls to me.

-- Jeff